South Carolina proves to be a leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology

Report recognizes South Carolina as a fuel cell leader The U.S. Department of Energy has released a report concerning the state of fuel cell support throughout the country. The report is released annually and tracks the progress that various hydrogen fuel projects have made, ranking states based on their support of hydrogen fuel cell technology. For 2013, South Carolina was recognized as a leader in fuel cell technology for the third consecutive year. The Department of Energy notes that the state is home to ambitious projects and strong political policies…

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Hydrogen fuel research may benefit from shift in auto industry

Hydrogen Fuel Research Auto Industry

Automakers come together to solve the problems of hydrogen fuel Last week, Ford, Daimler, and Nissan joined forces to make progress in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Each of the companies has an ambitious goal in mind in terms of hydrogen transportation, but each has also been faces with challenges that threaten to derail these goals. The automakers decided to team up in order to overcome some of these challenges and introduce new standards to hydrogen fuel cell technology as a whole. This may be very good news…

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University of South Carolina launches new Fuel Cell Challenge

University of South Carolina

Fuel Cell Challenge launched during 2012 World hydrogen Energy Conference The University of South Carolina has launched the latest rendition of its Fuel Cell Challenge. University officials launched the competition this week at the 2012 World Hydrogen Energy Conference being held in Toronto, Canada. The challenge, which was first held in 2006, aims to engage students in the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The focus of this year’s challenge is to address the various issues that plague the fuel cell industry, ranging from efficiency to cost. Students tasked to…

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Stephen Chu visits fuel cell development center at the University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina Reach

The U.S. Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, paid a visit to the innovative energy research district at the University of South Carolina (USC). The university is home to one of the most prolific hydrogen fuel research and development programs in the country. Chu’s visit may seem strange considering his dismissal of fuel cell technology earlier in the year, but the Energy Secretary insists that the media has eschewed his position on hydrogen altogether. Indeed, the Department of Energy has been fervently pursuing hydrogen as a fuel and has begun backing…

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