Super Bowl XLIX uses green energy to save power

LED Lights save energy during America’s most popular sporting event. The most recent Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLIX) may not have been the first time the New England Patriots won the Nation Football League (NFL) championship, but it was the first time that this event was played under LED lighting; green energy that saved a surprising amount of power. The LED lighting system used 75 percent less energy than the previous system. The most recent Super Bowl was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. With the help of Cree…

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New energy efficiency and sustainability standards could spark economic growth in the US

New standards aim to promote economic prosperity throughout the US Renewable energy has become synonymous with economic progress in the U.S. Much o the world revolves around the use of fossil-fuels, and this has created a problematic environmental situation that is expected to become quite costly in the coming years. While climate change itself is a controversial issue that many wish to avoid, the economic implications of a changing climate are not something that can be easily ignored. In the U.S., new standards regarding the mitigation of the effects of…

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Energy efficiency could help people save money

Report highlights financial aspects of energy efficiency The Consumer Federation of America has released a new report concerning the economic possibilities of energy efficiency. The U.S. has been growing increasingly focused on renewable energy in recent years, partly to reduce its production of carbon emissions and to take advantage of the economic prospects associated with the abandonment of fossil-fuels. The country’s progress in adopting renewable energy has been sluggish, but it has been augmented by energy efficiency policies that are promoting clean forms of power and discouraging the rampant consumption…

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Green buildings are becoming more common in the US

Green buildings show strong growth throughout the country The U.S. Green Building Council has released a new report concerning the growing prevalence of green buildings throughout the country. Green buildings are those designed to be environmentally friendly, boasting of several energy efficiency features and built using renewable sources. By 2016, the report suggests that approximately half of all commercial and institutional construction will be comprised of green buildings throughout the country. This could be good news for the country’s energy efficiency goals and its plans to reduce consumption of fossil-fuels.…

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New energy efficiency set to finally launch in the US

Delayed energy efficiency standards may soon go live The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that previously delayed energy efficiency standard will be enacted throughout the U.S. in the coming months. These standards involve metal halide lamps, commercial refrigeration equipment, and walk-in coolers and freezers. The standards will go into effect in November with various provisions associated with these energy efficiency standards being introduced over the next few years. The standards are currently 18 months overdue and the Department of Energy was pushed into action due to a coalition of…

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Ohio energy efficiency standards in peril

Fracking- Ohio

States begin revision energy efficiency standards Several states throughout the U.S. have begun showing more interest in renewable energy, but the support behind energy efficiency is beginning to wane. Over the past few years, energy efficiency has become a major topic of interest throughout the country, with efficiency standards considered a viable way to reduce harmful emissions and save money on energy costs. For most states, energy efficiency standards manifest as using significantly less energy than what has become normal. Because of this approach, efficiency standards have been somewhat less…

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Energy efficiency bill reintroduced in the US

U.S. Senate - Geothermal Energy Bill

Federal lawmakers take on energy efficiency Energy efficiency will again be thrust into the limelight in the U.S. Federal lawmakers have reintroduced a legislation that is designed to expedite the switch from traditional fossil-fuels to renewable energy, bolstering an energy efficient economy. The bill, which was reintroduced by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman, will help promote energy efficiency throughout the country by making energy saving technologies and services more available to consumers and businesses. Thus far, the legislation has received strong support from both the Republican and Democrat parties.…

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New renewable energy initiative launched by DOE

DOE - Wind Energy Support

DOE launches new renewable energy initiative at Oak Ridge National Laboratory The U.S. Department of Energy has announced the launch of a new renewable energy initiative this week, dubbed the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative. The initiative was launched at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where officials highlighted the successes of the laboratory’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility. The new initiative from the Department of Energy is meant to promote the use of renewable energy and the development of technologies that can be considered sustainable and environmentally friendly. Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative…

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Renewable energy may not be the only way to boost productivity in the US

Renewable Energy US

Research suggests that energy efficiency could be just as effective as renewable energy Energy production has been a growing issue in the U.S., especially as the country begins to look for ways to break away from fossil-fuels. Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have been focusing on the issue for some time and have developed a fairly complex understanding of the country’s energy production and what can be done to improve it. Recently, the U.S. has been working to find new methods of energy production to meet growing demand…

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Energy efficiency may be key to economic success in the US

US Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency may be a sound investment for the US Energy efficiency is often considered a practice that could save a homeowner some money on their energy bill every year. The practice is rarely seen as a sound investment, at least in the private sector. According to the Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy, however, energy efficiency may be what the U.S. needs to boost economic growth and finally put an end to the country’s financial struggles that began in 2008. The government-backed group has issued new recommendations concerning…

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Report ranks countries based on energy efficiency

Alternative Energy News - ene.field

12 countries scrutinized for their energy efficiency standards The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEE) has released its first International Energy Efficiency Scorecard report this week. The report aims to identify the countries that boast of strong energy efficiency policies and ranks these countries accordingly. The report may have a limited scope – accounting for only 12 countries – but the countries analyzed are the largest and most developed in the world. These countries have been making strides in making themselves more energy efficient for varying purposes, ranging…

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Obama administration launches Green Button Initiative to make America more aware of its energy consumption

US Renewable Energy

Last week, the Obama administration launched a new program it is calling the Green Button Initiative. Simply put, the Initiative is a website featuring a large green button. Clicking on the button allows U.S. residents to submit their energy consumption data, which will be converted into an easy to understand format. This data is meant to help people understand how they use energy and suggest ways to help them be more efficient about their consumption. The Green Button Initiative aims to provide consumers with access to their energy data on…

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UK looks to team with U.S. for ambitious home improvement project

Biofuel research

As the United Kingdom continues its slow but steady pursuit of alternative energy, the government is beginning to see the need to look for foreign partners if it wants to make progress on its sustainability goals. The current available of alternative in the UK is admirable, but not enough to match the demand for new energy systems and the country’s persistence on achieving its goals. As such, the UK is now looking to the U.S. to help with an ambitious project that was launched last year. The Energy Act of…

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