A new hydrogen fuel network is being developed in British Columbia

Hydrogen Fuel - Street in Vancouver, British Columbia

HTEC and Shell will be building new hydrogen fuel stations in Canada The Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) has announced that it has partnered with Shell. Together, the two companies are set to open the first retail hydrogen fuel station in Canada. The new station is being built in Vancouver and is expected to begin operation late this year. The two companies are committed to building a network of six hydrogen stations in the Greater Vancouver area. The new stations aim to help the deployment of the first 1,000…

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Vancouver embraces renewable energy

City Council votes to adopt renewable energy in a major way The City of Vancouver, British Columbia, has become the first city in Canada to aim to derive no less than 100% of its electrical power from renewable energy sources, following a vote from the City Council. The council unanimously voted to embrace renewable energy, hoping to abandon more conventional forms of power that are environmentally hazardous. British Columbia has become a very prominent clean technology and energy market, where innovation is being supported by provincial policies and initiatives from…

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Geothermal energy project in Vancouver is one of the most unique in the world

A structure in the Canadian city is being retrofitted with a “rechargeable battery”. The $2 million geothermal energy project is taking place in downtown Vancouver at Cadillac Fairview’s 777 Dunsmuir Street Property, which is being converted from its steam system to a geo-exchange system to provide heating and cooling. New drilling technology was utilized for the project. The plan consists of drilling 30 boreholes 400 feet into the ground and should take about six months to complete. However, the dense urban environment presented Fēnix Energy, the company in charge of…

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Waste-to-energy project slammed by Vancouver protestors

Plans for waste incineration facilities in British Columbia, Canada receive strong criticism. Protestors in B.C. want to stop plans that would lead to Metro Vancouver building one or more waste-to-energy incinerators to help deal with future garbage in the greater Vancouver region. Those opposed to the half-billion dollar trash burning plan believe it will do more harm than good. Anit-incinerator activists, environmentalists, and recycling groups recently came together with Fraser Valley politicians to hold a protest outside of the Hilton Metrotown in Burnaby, where Metro Vancouver was holding a workshop…

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New FuelCell Energy project focuses on renewable hydrogen fuel production

British Columbia - Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel production targeted as main focus of new project FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has won a contract to demonstrate the capabilities of a new fuel cell energy system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The fuel cell system will generate electrical power but will receive the hydrogen gas it uses from a nearby landfill. The gas acquired through the landfill will be purified by Quadrogen Power Systems into high quality hydrogen, which will then be used to generate renewable electrical power.…

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