Virginia regulators reject clean energy proposal from state utility

Clean Energy Proposal Rejected - No

Dominion Energy has lost its proposal to provide major electricity consumers with 100% renewable power Regulators in Virginia have rejected a proposal from Dominion Energy, one of the state’s major utilities, to provide large electricity consumers with 100% renewable energy. The decision has won praise from clean energy advocacy groups throughout the state as well as retail suppliers of electricity. This is due to one of Virginia’s current laws. The law state that third-party companies can sell 100% renewable power directly to consumers unless their utility offers a separate plan.…

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Renewable energy is thriving thanks to tech companies

Renewable Energy - Technology, Business

Large companies are embracing clean power aggressively Large technology companies like Google and Amazon are adding pressure on other corporations to embrace renewable energy. Clean power has been gaining traction throughout the United States for some time. Technology companies see clean power as a way to reduce their emissions and become more environmentally friendly. They also see significant economic potential in renewable energy. Last year, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple became the largest corporate consumers of clean power in the world. Tech companies have ensured the success of clean power…

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Legislation aims to boost renewable energy in Virginia

Renewable Energy Legislation

New bill aims to trigger a major energy shift in Virginia Virginia lawmakers have introduced a new legislation that could have a major impact on renewable energy in the state. The legislation was introduced by Delegate Sam Rasoul and is being considered one of the most aggressive energy bills the state has seen in recent history. The bill would require the state to commit itself to 100% renewable energy by 2035. It would also establish a moratorium on the approval of all fossil-fuel projects. Several states are looking to embrace…

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Developers partner to build new offshore wind energy system in Virginia

Wind Turbine - Offshore Wind Energy

New offshore wind energy system will be taking form off the coast of Virginia Beach Dominion Energy Virginia has entered into an agreement with Dong Energy to develop a new offshore wind energy system off the coast of Virginia Beach. Dominion Energy will be the sole owner of the new wind farm, but it will work with Dong Energy for engineering purposes. The companies believe that Virginia has significant promise when it comes to offshore wind energy due to the strong wind currents that can be found off of the…

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Solar energy is gaining more support in Virginia

Governor calls for state office buildings to be powered by solar energy Solar energy has received a big boost in Virginia. Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced that the state must use solar energy to power the government. The announcement highlights an effort to jump start the state’s solar industry. According to the governor, all state office buildings will derive 8% of their energy from solar sources within the next three years. Dominion Virginia Power will account for 75% of the solar power generated for state office buildings. Rising sea levels…

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Department of Energy funds projects to expand domestic fuel cell industry

Federal agency aims to support the growth of the country’s fuel cell industry The U.S. Department of Energy has chosen three projects to receive $2 million in funding provided by the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative is designed to support the federal agency’s overarching goal to help the United States be more competition in the manufacture of clean technologies. The funding being issued by the initiative will help support the analysis of hydrogen fuel and the domestic manufacture of fuel cell energy systems and how modern manufacturing processes can…

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Fracking is given the green light in U.S. national forest

Hydraulic fracturing could soon occur in the George Washington National Forest. Last week, the United States Forest Service approved a plan that set up regulations that will allow energy companies to carry out fracking within certain regions of the enormous George Washington National Forest, which spans 1.1 million acres, straddles Virginia and West Virginia, and is the biggest national forest in the eastern half of the U.S that is visited by 3 million people annually. The controversial move has apparently been welcomed by environmentalist. For years, environmental groups have fought…

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Offshore wind energy revolution is underway in the US

Wind projects are finding support from the private sector and some ambitious states A wind energy revolution is underway in the U.S. At the beginning of the year, the country’s Production Tax Credit was allowed to expire. This initiative provided financial support for various types of wind projects throughout the state. The federal government allowed the tax credit to expire due to the economic concerns it had regarding wind power and its position in the country’s energy structure. Wind projects have, therefore, been relying more heavily on the private sector,…

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Virginia lawmakers consider legislation to support solar energy

State lawmakers focus on bills that would boost the adoption of solar power Solar energy is becoming more popular among homeowners in Virginia and lawmakers are working to make it easier for homeowners throughout the state to acquire solar panels. During this year’s General Assembly, numerous bills concerning solar power were introduced. Many of these bills are designed to promote the adoption of solar energy among homeowners and help reduce the costs associated with the purchase and installation of solar panels. These bills may be able to accelerate the adoption…

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Offshore wind energy initiative announced by federal energy

New leasing initiative launched The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has announced a new lease auction for offshore wind energy projects. The land for these projects is located some miles off the coast of New England and Virginia. Prospective wind developers have 60 days to provide the agency with their interest in the auction. Depending on interest from developers, new offshore wind projects could begin construction as early as spring 2014. Offshore wind gains momentum Offshore wind energyhas become quite popular in the U.S. in recent years. The country…

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Offshore wind energy gains ground in the US

US offshore wind energy may soon become a reality It may still be several years before offshore wind energy systems begin taking form in the U.S., but the land that these systems require is beginning to be auctioned off. The federal government has begun leasing land to project developers that have ambitious plans for offshore wind energy. One such developer is Deepwater Wind, which is the provisional winner of two leases encompassing a 10-mile area off the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Deepwater Wind wins leases for development land…

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Virginia coast may be home to new wind energy projects

Wind Energy - Wind Turbine

US agency seeks to auction off land for wind energy projects Virginia’s coast may soon be home to an offshore wind energy system, if the U.S. Department of the Interior’s plans receives necessary support. The federal agency has announced the first auction that will seek to lease land off of Virginia’s coast that will be used for wind energy projects. The land up for lease is located approximately 23 miles from Virginia Beach in an area that the agency considered to be home to strong wind energy potential. Land boasts…

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Delmarva Power looks to help Bloom Energy build two new hydrogen production facilities in Delaware

Old Chrysler Plant in Newark

Delmarva Power, a utilities company offering power services to Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, is seeking a partnership with Bloom Energy, an acclaimed fuel cell manufacturer, to bring two new hydrogen fuel generating station in Delaware. The new stations would help bring new jobs to Delaware, which would be a boon for state residents who are still struggling to recover from the economic recession of 2008. The stations could mean the Delmarva’s customers will be paying more for electricity, however, casting an air of foreboding on the initiative. Delmarva executives say…

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