Three states lead the development of hydrogen fuel cells

Department of Energy releases new report showing the three states where hydrogen fuel cells are thriving

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office has announced that three states rank highest in terms of fuel cell industry activity. The agency is now seeking stakeholder feedback concerning this activity and how to best facilitate further growth. The Fuel Cell Technologies Office has released a new report showing that California, Connecticut, and New York. Of these, California is home to the largest number of stationary fuel cells in operation.

Report highlights the growth of the domestic fuel cell industry

The report shows that hydrogen fuel cells have been gaining ground throughout the country, but most notably in the northeast. According to the report, the northeast hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain has brought in $1.4 billion in revenue and investments. This sector has also produced some 6,550 jobs. In California, the fuel cell sector has grown six times faster than the state’s overall economy, bringing thousands of new jobs to the state and helping bolster California’s economic standing.

Agency seeks more information to help hydrogen fuel cells grow

new report - hydrogen fuel cellsAccommodating the growing demand for fuel cells in certain U.S. markets has aided in the resurgence of the domestic manufacture of these energy systems. In order to better facilitate this trend, the Department of Energy has issues a request for information for stakeholders to provide information and feedback about the growing hydrogen and fuel cell manufacturing sector. The intent of the request for information is to identify manufacturing methods that can reduce the cost of fuel cell development.

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain support throughout the US

Hydrogen fuel cells are growing in importance throughout the U.S. These energy systems have long been used to generate electricity for telecommunications towers and similar systems, but they are now being used to power vehicles of all kinds. Developing fuel cells domestically could secure the growth of these sectors, bringing yet more economic progress to states that have invested heavily in hydrogen fuel cells.

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  1. Kafantaris

    We need to start looking into hydrogen fuel cells as a way to complement electric cars. And it looks like we’ll need to soon since there’s no electric grid around to charge even a small fraction of our cars if they were electric — not to mention range anxiety. But why choose one or the other when we can have both — in the same car. That’s right, a battery/fuel cell car is now being built in California with a combined range of over 1000 miles!
    As for the hydrogen tanks exploding, they don’t — even when you drop them from the Empire State Building or shoot them with a machine gun.

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