3 Top Tips for the Eco Conscious Shopper

3 Top Tips for the Eco Conscious Shopper

January 19, 2018 0 By Guest Author

We are all much more environmentally conscious today than we were just a few years ago.

In the modern world we don’t have much of a choice about it, global warming is a hot button issue and we are all beginning to experience the first hand. Just as surely as we are all learning to love the environment however, we still need to keep our inner consumer fed. Moving towards a more environmentally friendly world doesn’t mean that we have to completely turn our backs on good old-fashioned capitalism however.

Instead, we should all strive to live in a society that embraces the best of both worlds. We should look to fairer ways of pursuing wealth and greener ways to satisfy our material urge. If each of us takes just a few simple steps towards being more ecologically responsible, then we can all reap the benefits of being more environmentally conscious.


The three r’s! First of all, reducing. Being a greener shopper means saying goodbye to some of the creature comforts and products that you might have grown accustomed to, but whose impact on the environment simply cannot be overlooked. When choosing products, try to go for those that have as much recyclable packaging as possible. Check the labels of food and clothing to see what you can find about its manufacturing and production. Most companies with legitimate green credentials want to shout it from the rooftops.


Reuse is all about seeking out products and which can be used time and time again. Once you start looking for reuse opportunities, you will start to see that they are everywhere! Many of the products that are sold to us as being single use and disposable can in fact be used multiple times. Consider the humble plastic bottle, many of us buy water, soda, or other drinks in plastic bottles and then throw them away when we’re done. Next time you buy one, retain the bottle so that you can fill it with drink at home. This will not only help to save the planet, it will also save you money!

You should also invest in some reusable, environmentally friendly bags that you can use to carry your groceries and other shopping. Check out these reusable for example, they are both stylish and eco-friendly.


Recycled products are made from old products and whenever possible, you should buy recycled products over the alternatives. By supporting recyclables, you are directly contributing to a reduction in the use of artificial materials whose production has a terrible impact on the environment and local ecosystems. You should also try to buy products that are either recyclable themselves, or that come in recyclable packaging. Just remember to recycle them correctly afterwards so they can be used again.

Being more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is something that all of us need to try and introduce into our lives. It is much easier than many people realize, and in fact often saves us money at the same time.

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