5 Things New Solar Panel Owners Should Pay Attention To

5 Things New Solar Panel Owners Should Pay Attention To

February 9, 2021 0 By Guest Author

The UK is a country that has a high incidence of solar rays, which has led me to another idea… Photovoltaic solar energy!

Taking advantage of this renewable energy should be almost an obligation, and it is that with the amount of sunlight that reaches our country and being the installation of this equipment very simple, taking advantage of it will provide us with clean energy. Today, the use of solar panels is gaining momentum in the UK, especially in high sun exposure areas such as Yorkshire and Humberside.

There are several suggestions for the use of solar panels at home, including the placement of the panels themselves, cleaning them regularly, protecting against hacker threats, etc.

Here are 5 tips for new solar panel owners:

Caring for solar panels may be relatively easy. Since the solar panel system is in a static position (not moving), not many types of maintenance are required. Not moving the solar panels makes the potential for physical damage to be minimal. However, maintenance must be taken seriously and periodically so that solar panels are durable and long-lasting.

1. Keep solar panels clean

The most important thing in caring for solar panels is to keep them clean from dirt. Routine maintenance is mandatory. If necessary, do it regularly, for example daily, weekly, or monthly. Some solar panel users check it annually, but this method only applies if the conditions around the house that are installed with solar panels are completely free from the threat of dirt, dust, or objects that block sunlight as a power source.

The first area that must be cleaned is the surface of the solar panels. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to is to check whether there are problems such as dirt and dust. Also pay attention to whether there are shadows blocking sunlight, such as shadows from trees around the house. This is the reason it is important to carry out a survey so that during the installation there are no objects that block sun exposure.

2. Pay attention to your solar panel security

Solar panels are not completely free from the threat of cybercriminals. A smart cybercriminal can mess up the solar panel electronic system, disrupt the electric current, to overload the system. Cyber attacks are common in the UK which is why local authorities recommend the use of strong passwords and a VPN(Virtual Private Network). With a VPN, a solar panel owner can ensure the safety of his electronic panel system from cyber threats. He can also protect all network-connected devices.

3. Ensure your roof is structurally sound

The roof is where you place your solar panels, therefore making sure it is supported firmly is a must. Make sure your roof frame is strong and not porous. If your roof truss is made of wood then make sure there are no termite nests nearby. But there are some other indications that you should be aware of regarding that; there is an indentation in the middle of the ridgeline, you have difficulty closing the door or window which is located near the roof frame, creaking sounds, mold, and so on. Immediately contact an experienced contractor if you encounter these things.

4. Install your panels for maximum sun

There is no point in installing solar panels if they are not exposed to large amounts of sunlight. You have to make sure the sunlight shines on your solar panels as much as possible. Even if you live in high sunshine areas like Yorkshire and Humberside!

5. Check for any grants or subsidies

If you live in the UK, there are generally no grants or subsidies associated with installing solar panels. Several years ago, the government provided some kind of interest-free loan to prospective solar panel users, but there is nothing wrong with checking in your city. 

Additional info:

The benefits of solar energy:

– It is one of the renewable energies that has lowered its costs the most, 80% in the last 5 years.

– Clean, renewable energy and 100% are free of CO2 emissions. For example, in the 2014-2015 period, the emission of 6,081 thousand tons of CO2 in the UK was avoided.

– Minimal maintenance expense. Current technology is very simple and does not require continuous maintenance. In addition, its monitoring can be done through remote control systems, which offer great guarantees of safety and comfort.

– Tax benefit thanks to the deductions that exist for renewable energies.


In general, solar panels are durable and require no maintenance. However, the 5 points above are mandatory for every owner to know so that they can make sure their installation continues to work as expected.

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