How to Switch Commercial Energy Supplier and Save Money

How to Switch Commercial Energy Supplier and Save Money

March 10, 2020 0 By Guest Author

The UK’s energy use fell to a record low in 2018 and we think that this warrants a look into how business owners can reduce their utility bills. Switching energy suppliers to get a better deal for business rates can have a big impact on any business and it’s worthwhile, especially when costs are creeping higher and higher each year. It can be tricky navigating the complexities of switching suppliers, but this simple guide aims to shed some light on changing energy suppliers in a commercial setting.

Much like switching energy providers at home, the job can be completed online in a matter of minutes, providing a cost-effective way to save on energy bills.

Step 1: Visit a Business Utilities Comparison Site 

A business utilities comparison site connects users with an array of companies looking to provide them their energy needs and as such, helps promote competition in the marketplace. This competition benefits the business owner as prices are driven down and only the best survive. The best deals can be found online by connecting with commercial utility suppliers that specialise in providing energy to business customers.

Step 2: Get a quote online 

Top tip: measure your energy use carefully for a month in order to get the most accurate quotes. In order to generate an idea of cost, a utilities comparison site will require an accurate and up to date estimation of energy usage and location. Because gas and electricity are priced regionally, it’s important to input the correct location for the business in order to get an accurate estimate or price for utilities.

Step 3: Choose the best energy supplier 

Choosing a supplier is the easy part, simply browse through the deals available online and select the one that most closely matches your business needs and requirements. Be mindful of the small print such as yearly increases and early exit fees and make sure the chosen package provides the best value for the business.

Step 4: Set up a direct debit with the new supplier 

Once the best deal has been found, it’s important to then make the switch as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out. Business energy rates change on a frequent basis so lock in the right price at the right time. If for any reason in the first 14 days there seems to be an issue it’s perfectly acceptable to cancel as this is known as the ‘cooling-off period’.

Step 5: Start saving money on business utilities 

Once the new supplier has received all of the correct details and paperwork, they’ll be in touch to manage the final switchover. Sit back and relax and start saving on business energy without ever having left the comfort of the office.

Taking the time to find the best energy deals for a business can seem like a daunting experience but in reality, with the rise of technology and utilities price comparison sites, the whole task has been condensed down into a few simple steps. Regardless of industry, cutting costs and reducing expenditure on energy can have a tremendous positive impact on business, so invest wisely and be on the lookout for a way to save.

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