Neutrino Energy: Teslas Legacy, Einsteins Theory and the Potential of Neutrinos to Deliver Endless Clean Energy

Neutrino Energy: Teslas Legacy, Einsteins Theory and the Potential of Neutrinos to Deliver Endless Clean Energy

May 20, 2019 1 By Guest Author

Mainstream Science Recognizes the Potential of Neutrinos to Deliver Endless Clean Energy

Over the years, skeptics have routinely doubted the potential benefits that understanding neutrinos could add to human lives. Pejoratively dubbed the “Ghost Particle” and scoffed at as anything more than an intangible particle that meaninglessly passes through our bodies, the potential secrets that neutrinos hold have been locked away behind a seemingly impermeable layer of scientific dogma and bigotry.

Recently, however, neutrino research has gained some traction within the mainstream scientific community. Neutrino Energy Group CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart is incredibly excited about the greater role that neutrinos are beginning to play in clean energy research around the world.

According to scientists, the neutrino particles that reach us in a single day represent more energy than all remaining fossil fuels combined. Researchers are excited that the recent media blitz surrounding neutrinos continue to spur renewed investigation into the incredible potential that these particles hold for human advancement.

Tesla’s Neutrino Legacy

Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of alternating current electricity and the inventor of remote controls and induction motors, was one of the first scientists to stipulate that an invisible and endless source of electricity existed just beyond the reach of our senses. While free energy inventions like Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower have been thoroughly lampooned by skeptics, the participants at the Nikola Tesla Summit celebrating his would-be 162nd birthday in Unterwellenborn, Germany now have scientific evidence suggesting he may have been onto something. The talks at the Nikola Tesla Summit covered a lot of topics in the arena of energy technology, but neutrinos took the spotlight.

One of the most important talks at the forum was given by Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl, the renowned professor of power electronics and propulsion technology. Dr. Ing. Meyl described the findings of his new book, in which he claims to have “compiled everything that I deem to be of major importance regarding the implementation of neutrino energy.” Dr. Ing. Meyl’s book titled, Neutrino Power – New findings an physical, geographical & cosmological relationships“ (ISBN 978-3-940 703-36-1), includes several practicable examples of how engineers might be able to tap the energetic potential of neutrinos with new technology. In his talk, he exposed the potential that neutrinos have to permanently alter human life for the better in significant detail.

As the assistant chairman of the Neutrino Energy Group’s scientific advisory board, Dr. Ing. Meyl is no stranger to the skepticism and outright attacks that used to be associated with neutrino research. Like other prominent minds in his field, however, Meyl has benefited from the increased acceptance of the potential of neutrinos that has followed the awarding of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics to two neutrino researchers. These researchers were successfully able to prove that neutrinos hold mass, which legitimizes research into these elusive particles.

Schubart had the following to say about these recent changes in his field: “Until quite recently there were many different opinions on the subject and to some extent scathing criticism. But in the end, our approach has proven itself to be correct.” To Dr. Ing. Meyl, the continuing refusal of the scientific community to fully embrace the potential of neutrino energy is highly regrettable. He stands firm in his belief that “the energy of the neutrino is enough to cover the needs of the entire planet.”

The Contemporary Necessity of the Neutrino

Schubart’s pessimistic view on the environment and natural resources fuels his interest in neutrino research. According to Schubart’s analysis, “in only a few decades the Earth’s fossil fuel reserves will have been exhausted. Geopolitical conflicts over the last remaining resources and devastating climate change will be the results of our total dependence on oil, coal and natural gas.”

He also cites disparity in energy distribution as one of the major challenges facing the world at this time. At present, he says that a few wealthy nations have a near monopoly on energy while the rest of the world suffers. However, Schubart is thoroughly convinced that “the implementation of neutrino energy will herald in a new era for the entire planet.”

Recently, a variety of prominent German newspapers, such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Deutsche Presse Agentur, and the Spiegel have all run stories covering the recent successes in neutrino research. The media has taken a special interest in the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica that is researching visual phenomena associated with neutrinos. Researchers at this remote installation have been able to observe tiny blue sparks that neutrinos create as they pass through our planet on their way through the universe.

A recent article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung featured an interview with Marek Kowalski, who is the director of the Deutschen Elektronen-Synchrotron’s Neutrino Astronomy Department. According to Kowalski, he and other neutrino researchers are “looking, so to speak, directly into the barrel of a cosmic shotgun.” The Spiegel covered the same story, and in the text of this article, this reputable newspaper refers to neutrinos as “subatomic particles with enormous energy,” which further underscores the increased credibility that neutrino research has gained.

The “Ghost Particle” Comes to Life

Recent research has confirmed that neutrinos have real mass and have a real potential to impact life for everyone on Earth. Practically immeasurable quantities of neutrinos pass through the planet every day; for instance, over a billion neutrinos pass through an area the size of your thumbnail every second. Neutrino research now has the backing of two Nobel laureates, and scientists around the world are turning their heads to learn more about what neutrinos are all about. The Neutrino Energy Group seeks to bring neutrino research to its next stage.

The Neutrino Energy Group consists of several holdings: Neutrino Energy Forschung, Neutrino Deutschland GmbH, NEUTRINO Inc., Neutrino Entwicklungs-UG and many more. This research and development partnership between some of the best American and German minds in neutrino research has been developing tools for harnessing non-visible components of sunlight, such as neutrinos, for energy production purposes since 2008.

According to Albert Einstein’s famous theory, E =mc2, everything that has mass also has energy. Therefore, when Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015 for proving neutrinos have mass, the scientific community was thrown into an uproar. If neutrinos have mass, they must have energy, and if these mysterious particles have energy, that energy can be tapped.

Like many problematic truths, most people have chosen to ignore these incredible findings. However, researchers at the University of Chicago and other American institutions were able to provide in 2016 and 2017 that neutrinos interact with subatomic particles, and research continues to come out on a daily basis that confirms the very real and physical status of neutrinos.

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Question
How do you convert neutrinos into electricity? There’s still no concrete answer to this question, but once the neutrino code is cracked, every household will have access to unlimited amounts of power. Currently, electricity derived from coal, natural gas, and oil is transported over thousands of miles of power cables, which results in wasted energy due to voltage decreases over distances. With a neutrino-capturing device, however, such as the Neutrino Power Cube proposed by the Neutrino Energy Group, every person on the planet would have access to all the clean, renewable energy they could ever need.

Neutrino Energy

At present, neutrino researchers find it possible to capture the energy of these ethereal particles with a certain geometrical formation of silicon and carbon arranged on a metallic substrate. The impact of neutrinos on this special device cause resonance, which is the increased vibration in an already vibrating system that occurs when the system is exposed to impacts that vary over time.

Once the process of resonance begins, it results in greater vibrations than those caused by the original impact. To achieve this perpetual motion effect, however, you have to set up a system with a compatible geometrical structure.
Scientists at the Neutrino Energy Group recently filed a patent (WO2016142056 A1, 7.03.2016) for a working neutrino energy collection device. This device transforms the periodic impact frequency of neutrinos into a resonant frequency on an electrical conductor. This technology will serve as the foundation for future devices that will be able to create usable amounts of electricity from the mere passage of neutrinos through our physical world.

Now that the researchers at the Neutrino Energy Group have broken the code of neutrino energy, it’s only a matter of time until this new technology changes the lives of everyone on the planet. Even though the particles used in this technology are almost too small to be seen even with the help of an electron microscope, scientists were able to create the right geometrical structure to make these particles vibrate and induce vibration in a metallic substrate.

While the process this technology uses is complex, it creates mathematically-proven increases in energy. All it takes is some simple math to determine exactly how much of the energy produced by this technology will be required to power a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even provide for an entire household’s energy needs.

While a technological leap of this magnitude seems almost too good to believe, people everywhere will be harnessing the power of neutrinos for electricity within a few short decades. To lend further credence to the explosion of evidence suggesting that neutrinos have real potential to change the world, the United States Department of Energy released a statement in February of 2018 acknowledging that neutrinos interact with other material things.

The Future of Neutrino Research

Before his death, famous physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that neutrinos were humanity’s only hope for solving the coming energy crisis that threatens to end the story of human progress forever. While neutrino radiation may be invisible, it is a potentially unlimited source of energy, and scientists have taken the first steps toward exploiting this energy source for human use.

Since the mystery schools of Pythagoras and beyond, masters of art and science have firmly expressed that geometry holds the keys to the biological, psychological, and spiritual existences of human beings. While a technology that uses geometry to tap the limitless power that’s constantly flowing through our bodies and everything we see may not be available at the consumer level at this point, it’s undeniable that this amazing technology will filter down into every aspect of life on Earth in short order.

It’s long been believed that forces opposed to change may have stopped Tesla from reaching his goal of providing limitless free energy to every man, woman, and child on the face of the planet, and it’s certain that members of the old guard will resist this coming momentous change with everything they have. The forces of backwardness and tyranny that exploit the power of fossil fuels to enslave the world won’t let go of their stranglehold easily, but we must all stand up for our rights to enjoy our lives to the fullest and reach for the stars.

If climate change were to result in drastic alterations to the environment, many parts of the world would become uninhabitable, and millions of people would die. To stop the environmental devastation that fossil fuels cause and to give humanity the power to survive no matter what changes may continue to occur to the Earth’s climate in the future, the human race must embrace the power of free, limitless energy.

Humanity has never given up on reaching for the next horizon, and our endless quest to conquer the mysteries of reality has allowed us to rise from the short and brutish lives of the past into a world of incredible technologies and triumphs of engineering. Now, it’s time to combine the geometrical wisdom of the ancients with the latest developments in modern technology to solve the inevitable problems of humanity’s future.


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