Honda delivers first production model of its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

April 5, 2016 0 By Bret Williams

First model of FCV Clarity has been delivered in Japan

The next generation of Honda’s Clarity has begun, with the automaker delivering the first model of its FCV Clarity in Japan. The vehicle has been delivered to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Honda believes that the new vehicle will help establish a hydrogen society in Japan, where fuel cells are expected to become a very prominent source of electrical power in the coming years. The Japanese government has been investing heavily in fuel cell technology, as well as the infrastructure needed to support vehicles equipped with these energy systems.

Honda has developed an innovative hydrogen fuel cell to power new vehicle

Honda has an extensive history in the clean transportation space. The company was among the first automakers to release a fuel cell vehicle with its first generation Clarity. This availability of the vehicle was quite limited, but it helped Honda develop a better understanding of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used to power new vehicles. The company has also been working with General Motors to develop new fuel cell technology, which may help make fuel cell vehicles more efficient and less expensive in the future.

New vehicle can travel more than 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen

Clarity Fuel Cell - Hydrogen FuelThe new FCV Clarity features a fuel cell that is smaller than those that Honda has used in the past. The fuel cell also features a higher energy density, making it more effective than previous designs. The FCV Clarity is capable of traveling for more than 300 miles before needing to refuel and the vehicle can be fueled in a matter of minutes. In Japan, consumers can take advantage of subsidies that help reduce the cost of fuel cell vehicles, which Honda believes will make these vehicles more attractive to those interested in clean transportation.

Comprehensive infrastructure will be needed to support the adoption of fuel cell vehicles

Honda will be competing with other automakers that are launching fuel cell vehicles. Toyota is one such company, which launched its first fuel cell vehicle late last year. Honda will not just be competing with rival companies, of course, as fuel cell vehicles must also have the support of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Japan has a small number of hydrogen stations open to the public, which may limit the adoption of fuel cell vehicles until this problem is resolved.