NovoFuel wins patent for hydrogen fuel production technology

October 31, 2014 0 By Erin Kilgore

New patent covers innovative technology developed by NovoFuel

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a provisional patent to NovoFuel, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel. The patent covers the company’s hydrogen production technology. NovoFuel had submitted its application for the patent in 2009, and the patent itself outlines numerous ways in which the company’s technology can be used. Effective and efficient hydrogen fuel production is becoming more important, especially in the auto industry, where fuel cell vehicles are becoming more common.

Modern hydrogen production systems are still not considered viable in many ways

Modern hydrogen production methods are quite lacking. They require a large amount of electrical energy in order to produce a sufficient amount of hydrogen. Most of this energy comes from fossil-fuels and natural gas, which are environmentally hazardous. Hydrogen production is also quite expensive, making it less viable than other forms of clean energy. New technology could solve these problems, but the commercialization of this technology is often slowed by bureaucracy.

New technology could play a major role in bolstering the popularity of hydrogen

hydrogen fuel technologyNovoFuel’s technology may be ideally suited for numerous applications, including on-site hydrogen fuel production. The technology could be used as an effective way to satisfy the growing demand for hydrogen. Many businesses are beginning to embrace fuel cells as an alternative to the traditional energy systems that have powered their materials handling vehicles for years. These fuel cells allow materials handling vehicles to operate more effectively, but they also require a source of hydrogen in order to be considered useful.

Auto industry shows interest in fuel production technology

NovoFuel is one of many companies that are trying to bring their hydrogen production technology to the market. This technology has, thus far, proven to be quite popular within the auto industry. Most major automakers have plans to commercialize fuel cell vehicles beginning in 2015, and these vehicles require a hydrogen infrastructure in order to be attractive to consumers. As such, automakers have begun investing heavily in hydrogen production technologies.