Ukraine to continue supporting solar energy feed-in tariff in Crimea

March 28, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Country opts to continue providing support to solar projects in annexed region

Solar Energy - Sun Shining on Solar PanelsUkraine has been the subject of much attention recently due to an ongoing struggle with Russia. In recent months, Russian forces moved to occupy and annex the Crimea region. Political instability has called into question the future of Ukraine’s solar feed-in tariff, which is meant to promote the adoption of solar power throughout the country. Because Crimea has been annexed by Russia, it no longer falls under the authority of the Ukrainian government, the solar projects that had taken root in the region may find their support dwindling.

Energy organization predicts that Ukraine’s support for solar power in Crimea will continue well into the future

According to the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, the Ukrainian government is likely to continue supporting solar energy projects in Crimea as long as it claims rights to the region. Ukraine’s feed-in tariff is one of the most generous of its kind in the world. It has successfully provided homeowners and businesses alike with the incentive they need to embrace solar power. The feed-in tariff provides those that adopt solar power with an opportunity to sell the surplus electricity they generate to the country’s utilities.

Feed-in tariff helps promote economic activity

The Ukrainian government is aware of the economic prospects that solar power represents. Some have come to rely on the funds they receive through the country’s feed-in tariff, and many of these people are located in the Crimea region. The government has expressed its commitment to the feed-in tariff in order to help assuage concerns regarding the loss of income associated with Crimea’s annexation by Russia.

Energy continues to be a highly politicized matter

Energy has become a highly politicized matter in many places of the world. Despite a tense political environment, however, Ukraine plans to continue showing committeemen for the projects that have been established in Crimea. The Russian government has, thus far, shown no opposition to this endeavor. Russia has shown modest support for solar power in the past, but the country has been growing more interested in renewable energy in recent years.

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