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July 2, 2022 0

Is green hydrogen the affordable zero-emission fuel shipping needs?

By Erin Kilgore

According to a new study, this clean fuel would add “just cents” to the cost of freight. Operating cargo ships on 100 percent green hydrogen fuel would add an entirely...

Hydrogen Storage

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May 26, 2022 2

H2GO Power lands £4.3M for scalable green hydrogen storage system

By Julie Campbell

The funding is for a 1 MWh scalable system to help Scotland’s Orkney Islands abandon fossil fuel. H2GO Power is moving ahead with new commercial-scale state-of-the-art green hydrogen storage technology...

Hydrogen Companies

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June 27, 2022 0

BASF Puristar and Sorbead get Shell’s green hydrogen production nod

By Tami Hood

The companies make tech that purifies and dehydrates the product H2 stream from the water electrolysis process. Shell and BASF...

Green Lifestyle

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June 20, 2022 0

Green Jobs and Renewable Energy Recruiters

By Guest Author

Renewable energy is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world... and finding qualified personnel to fill positions...

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