SANY hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles in development in China

SANY hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles in development in China

April 8, 2021 0 By Tami Hood

The equipment manufacturer has already rolled out a dump truck and a mixer truck.

Chinese equipment manufacturer SANY, one of the largest in the world, is in the midst of developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles. The company’s flagship location, an intelligent factory, recently rolled out a dump truck and a mixer truck powered by H2.

The mixer truck is the first vehicle of its kind in the world to be powered by H2.

The SANY project’s R&D engineer described five major advantages of operating hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles. These included:

  • Machinery that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions, producing only water and heat from its fuel use.
  • These vehicles have a substantial range, with their combined 1,680 L capacity providing over 500 kilometers (311 miles) of driving distance.
  • The AMT gearbox and high-torque drive motor provide ample power through the fuel cell stack, offering an energy conversion rate greater than 50 percent. This provides a strong climbing capacity and acceleration rate.
  • The integrated heat management system makes it possible for automatic heating and cooling depending on the weather conditions, allowing optimal performance due to its weather adaptability.
  • These vehicles allow for enhanced safety through functions such as overcurrent and high heat protection, a low-pressure alarm, leakage detection and control within the H2 supply system.

The rollout of the SANY hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles are a part of China’s H2 economy plan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the 2020 United Nations Climate Change conference, proposing that the country’s CO2 emissions will reach their highest point in 2030, at which point they will begin their decline until China achieves carbon neutrality by 2060.

That said, in order to achieve that goal, it is important for the country – and its companies and people – to take a number of steps. This includes moves by manufacturers such as SANY, which can make a solid difference through technological breakthroughs and rollouts of new developments, said the company.

SANY’s Crane Business Unit’s Deputy General Manager Li Tanbo spoke at the rollout ceremony for the hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles that the company has entered into a new phase during which Hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles - Image of mixer truckthe machinery development is moving in the direction of green energy and clean and intelligent equipment technologies.

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