GE to deliver turbines to wind energy system in Australia

GE to deliver turbines to wind energy system in Australia

July 12, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Wind energy system to take advantage of GE turbines

An ambitious wind energy project supported by both Australia and New Zealand is set to receive 58 new turbines that have been developed by General Electric. These turbines are part of the company’s “Brilliant” line and boast of better performance and higher durability than conventional wind energy technologies. The turbines are being delivered to the Boco Rock Wind Farm located in New South Wales, Australia. The Brilliant wind turbines are expected to make the Boco Rock Wind Farm one of the largest of its kind in terms of energy production.

Wind farm to generate 113MW of power

The Boco Rock Wind Farm is currently slated to produce approximately 113 megawatts of energy, enough to power 40,000 average homes. The Brilliant wind turbines from General Electric will account for the bulk of this energy production. The wind energy system is also expected to displace some 300,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from the environment and will serve as a replacement for some coal-based energy systems.

Wind Energy Australia- GE wind turbinesBrilliant turbines designed to be highly efficient

The turbines coming from General Electric measure 33 stories in height, with blades stretching some 50 meters each. General Electric notes that these turbines are somewhat improved over previous models and offer more efficient energy production. General Electric has been testing the Brilliant turbines in California for more than a year, fine tuning their capabilities and working on ways to generate the most electric power.

Australia shows strong interest in wind energy

Wind energy is becoming a major priority for many countries around the world. Australia has been showing strong support for solar power, but wind is quickly establishing itself as a favored form of clean energy within the country. The country’s expansive and open terrain make it easy to harness the power of wind and Australia’s access to the ocean also holds great potential in terms of wind energy.

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