Fate of renewable energy may be in the hands of Arizona voters

Renewable Energy - Vote - Politics - Arizona

Two ballots may decide the future of clean power Arizona voters may need to determine the fate of renewable energy in the state this fall. Lawmakers are currently preparing new ballot initiatives that intend to increase the state’s clean power targets. Both of the ballots are nearly identical: Both seek to require Arizona to derive 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The issue, however, is that the ballots impose very little penalties on utilities that do not reach a certain mark with clean power. Ballots are identical…

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Tax reform bill could have impact on renewable energy in the US

Renewable Energy - Tax Break

New tax reform bill may affect the renewable energy space The United States House of Representatives is expected to approve a new tax reform bill which may have some impact on the renewable energy space. As it stands now, the bill would reduce the tax benefits that have benefited the clean power industry in the past. As the final version of the bill is being negotiated, however, such provisions may be put to rest, thereby ensuring that the renewable energy space continues to thrive. Bill seeks to reduce the Production…

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New legislation could cause problems for renewable energy in the United States

Renewable Energy Legislation - US Congress

Legislation seeks to cut funding for renewable energy and efficiency programs New legislation could place new challenges on the energy efficiency and clean power sector in the United States. The legislation is currently facing the House of Representatives after being approved by the House Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee. Advocates of renewable energy have criticized the legislation, as it would cut funding for several clean power and efficiency programs as well as eliminate the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Agency could see its funding…

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Two renewable energy bills have been shot down in Nevada

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Governor vetoes two renewable energy bills The future of renewable energy in Nevada had begun to look somewhat brighter in recent months due to the introduction of three new bills. These bills would help the state shift toward a more open and competitive energy market, but two of these three bills have now been shot down. Late last week, Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed two of the three bills, claiming that there is significant uncertainty regarding Nevada’s renewable energy shift. Bills would have aided the expansion of renewable energy in the…

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California seeks to ditch fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy

Renwable Energry - California wants change

New legislation could require California to hit the 100% renewable energy mark by 2045 California’s lawmakers are looking to fast track the state’s plans to become completely reliant on renewable energy. New legislation has been introduced that, if successful, will require the state to derive no less than 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045. California already has plans to reach the 50% renewable energy mark by 2030, but lawmakers believe that the state can accomplish a more ambitious goal, largely due to its growing clean power market.…

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US could soon pull out of the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Eiffel Tower

Trump Administration may be preparing to distance itself from the Paris Agreement The United States may soon pull out of the Paris Agreement, which it was ratified late last year. The Paris Agreement was originally drafted in 2015 and went into effect on November 4, 2016. The initiative has brought many countries together in an effort to reduce emissions production and embrace renewable energy. President Donald Trump has been an opponent of the Paris Agreement and he is expected to pull away from the endeavor in the near future. Trump…

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Trump appoints new head of the EPA, a denier of climate change

Scott Pruitt tapped to lead the EPA for the Trump Administration Difficult days may be ahead for energy policy and environmental efforts in the United States. President-elect Donald Trump has been working to fill out his administration, appointing several people to positions of power that could dictate the course of existing programs in the future. Trump has selected Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt to be the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The decision has sparked significant controversy, particularly among environmentalist groups, as Pruitt has been a longstanding…

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Trump decries offshore wind energy systems in the United Kingdom

Trump is calling on British officials to fight against offshore wind energy President-elect Donald Trump is pressuring British officials to fight against offshore wind energy systems being developed in Britain. In the past, Trump has fought against offshore wind energy, hoping to close down a project being developed in Scotland. The case made its way to Britain’s highest court, with Trump arguing that the offshore project disrupts the view of one of his gold courses in Aberdeenshire. Now, Trump is calling upon Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom’s Independence…

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Donald Trump’s plan for power could have an impact on renewable energy

President-Elect Trump has an energy plan that he aims to put into place With the 2016 presidential election coming to a close, Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States. The presidential campaign has been a divisive issue, but now is a time to look forward to how the election will have an impact on many sectors. What the future holds for renewable energy is uncertain, but Trump has an energy plan in mind that could have a major effect on this industry as a…

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Controversy explodes in Florida’s solar energy space

Leaked recording highlights potential political deception Political controversy is brewing in Florida. This controversy has come to surround Amendment 1, which seeks to make major changes to the way solar energy works in the state. The political committee behind this amendment has erased nearly all references made to the James Madison Institute on its social media sites. This comes after a leaked recording during which the group’s policy director suggested that utilities were attempting to deceive voters into believing that Amendment 1 is a pro-solar measure. Amendment 1 could completely…

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German government agrees to ban controversial fracking practice

Germany may move away from the controversial practice of drilling for shale gas The German government has chosen to take aggressive action on fracking. After years or derisive talks, the coalition government has decided to ban fracking for shale gas indefinitely. The ban aims to address concerns regarding the damage that this practice can cause to the environment. While some environmental groups have praised the decision, others believe that the ban does not go far enough. Some of these groups have vowed to fight the ban in order to promote…

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Energy UK shifts its focus to renewable energy

Lobbying group begins to show favor for clean power over fossil-fuels The United Kingdom’s largest energy lobbying group has changed its opinion on clean power. Energy UK represents six of the country’s utilities and has established a reputation for being an aggressive defender of fossil-fuels in the past. While the organization have pressured government officials to continue supporting conventional forms of power, Energy UK is now showing aggressive support for renewable energy. The organization notes that the change is needed in order to stay relevant. UK is providing more funding…

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World leaders embrace Paris Agreement to fight climate change

Governments have made a deal to work together to combat climate change in the coming years World leaders have agreed to a deal to fight climate change and mitigate the rise of global temperatures. Leaders representing a wide range of countries met in France to discuss the deal, now called the Paris Agreement. The deal had been gathering strong support before world leaders arrived in France to discuss it, with the United Nations suggesting that the agreement could have a major, beneficial impact on the global environment. Paris Agreement will…

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Produce grown with recycled fracking wastewater may soon come with warning labels

California could pass a bill that would require farmers, producers and retailers to place warning labels on certain food products. Last week, a new bill introduced by a California lawmaker, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Glendale, would require farmers, producers and retailers to add a label to food products that had been irrigated with recycled fracking wastewater. More specifically, the warning label would be required for crops that had been hydrated using recycled water that had once been used in gas and oil field activities, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), where water is…

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Obama announces revised plan for combating climate change

A new Clean Power Plan will make bigger cuts in greenhouse gas emissions than expected. U.S. President Barack Obama and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced a new Clean Power Plan on Monday, which calls for steeper carbon pollution cuts from American power plants, than has been previously expected, to help combat climate change. The plan will also grant states more time and expand their options to meet the new requirements. The new plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants by almost a third within 15 years.…

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A new bill could improve geothermal energy developments in the U.S.

The bill has bipartisan support. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Democrat Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington state have sponsored a bill called “The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015”, a bill that has been designed to support geothermal energy advancements in the United States, by removing important barriers that hinder geothermal development. The legislation includes several provisions, among which is a 50,000 MW National Geothermal Goal. In addition to the national 50 GW goal for developing this renewable power, this legislation would also direct federal agencies to identify…

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