Aberdeen makes hydrogen fuel cell vehicles available to the public

Those living in Aberdeen will have access to fuel cell vehicles Aberdeen, Scotland, has become the first place in Europe to offer fuel cell vehicles to the public. Several of the world’s leading automakers have been working to promote their fuel cell vehicles throughout the region, but these vehicles are not yet available in the commercial market. These vehicles are expected to become more available in the near future, but a lacking hydrogen fuel infrastructure may make them somewhat attractive to consumers interested in clean transportation. Consumers will be able…

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Four new hydrogen fuel buses arrive in Aberdeen, Scotland

New buses arrive to take part in Aberdeen’s clean transportation initiative Aberdeen, Scotland, has become home to an ambitious initiative involving the use of hydrogen fuel cells to power public transportation. Four new vehicles have just arrived in the city as the city’s Hydrogen Bus Project continues to push ahead. The initiative is meant to examine the benefits of using fuel cells to power public transportation vehicles. While fuel cells are expensive, their use in public transit is expected to reduce the fuel costs that Aberdeen pays to keep buses operating.…

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Hyundai trial in Aberdeen, Scotland, considered major success

Hyundai hydrogen fuel SUV

Tucson ix35 generates buzz after completion of trial Earlier this month, South Korean automaker Hyundai send its hydrogen-powered SUV, the Tucson ix35, to Aberdeen, Scotland, where it was tested by one of the city’s newest car clubs: Commonwheels. This was one of the company’s latest initiatives to promote its hydrogen-powered vehicle and show of the performance of its fuel cells. The automaker has been aggressive in its marketing recently, hoping to generate a great deal of hype before hydrogen vehicles are released into the commercial market within the next few…

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