Scientists identify plant enzyme that could lead to mass-production of biofuels

Researchers may have found an enzyme that could enable any plant to product fuel. In their quest to find the next best environmentally friendly fuel, a team of international researchers have announced that they have successfully isolated an enzyme with lycopaoctaene synthase activity in common algae known as Botryococcus braunii. This enzyme is responsible for hydrocarbon oil production and the scientists are investigating how to use the enzyme to mass-produce biofuels. This discovery could be a breakthrough for the alternative fuel industry. Although not as clean as other forms of…

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Green energy winner in fiscal cliff deal

Green Energy

Wind power, electric motorcycles, and biofuels all saw benefits from the fiscal cliff deal reached at the last moment in Washington, DC on January 1, 2013. Most eyes watched the fiscal cliff negotiations closely wondering about taxes, and exemptions that were meant to expire in 2013. However, also the line during negotiations were tax credits for energy efficient homes, renewable energy sources like wind power, and biofuels. Non-green, traditional fuels like coal mined from tribal lands receive extended tax credits. Dividend tax rates and capitol gain taxes will remain equal…

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