Halotechnics develops new materials to make solar thermal energy more viable

Solar energy and solar panel

New developments in solar power helps to shed new light on efficiency issues. Halotechnics, a solar energy startup, has announced the development of two new materials that can be used for storing solar heat energy. The company has garnered the support of ARPA-E, an alternative energy branch of the Department of Energy. Halotechnics focuses on developing solar-thermal technologies that are meant to make the use of solar energy more efficient and viable. Researchers with the company believe that the new materials could help solve some of the problems the solar industry…

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Cogenra Solar unveils the largest rooftop solar energy system in the U.S.

Solar Panel Hybrid System

Winery gets a gold star for alternative energy. Cogenra Solar, a developer of hybrid solar energy systems, has unveiled the largest rooftop hybrid solar energy system in the U.S.  The system combines solar and thermal power, a coupling that is gaining a great deal of interest in the alternative energy and technology communities. The system can be found at the Kendall-Jackson winery in Windsor, California. It was meant to augment the existing alternative energy systems of the winery and help it break away from its restraints to fossil-fuels and reduce…

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Maryland lawmakers pass bill that opens the way for more solar energy

Solar Energy News in Maryland

Solar energy market widens in Maryland The Maryland Legislature has passed a new bill (Senate Bill 791) that opens the way for the rapid growth of solar energy in the state. The bill was passed by a vote of 37-9 and will accelerate the state’s alternative energy goals by increasing the percentage of electricity the state must obtain through the use of solar power. Alternative issue has been a subject of great interest in Maryland for the past two years. The state has been aggressively pursuing alternative energy projects in…

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University of Delaware researchers experiment with concentrated sunlight to make hydrogen gas

University of Delaware hydrogen fuel research

Hydrogen fuel cell research in the U.S. Researchers from the University of Delaware, led by Professor Erik Koepf, have been working on ways to make hydrogen fuel cells more environmentally sound. Fuel cells are often considered clean energy machines because a great deal of attention has been drawn to the fact that the systems themselves produce no harmful emissions. Fuel cells are not stand alone energy systems, however, and they require a source of electricity in order to operate. This electricity is usually provided by burning natural gas, a process…

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Concentrated solar energy becoming a big hit in China

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

Last year, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) estimated that the growth of the country’s solar energy market would grow rapidly throughout 2016. The NDRC is inching closer to its second Annual China Concentrating Solar Power Summit, which will be held at the end of June this year, the speed of this growth is likely to get a great deal of attention. According to recent data from the NDRC, China’s concentrated solar market is expected to reach 1 gigawatt by 2015, and 3 gigawatts by 2020. Concentrated solar power…

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SunPower announces commercialization of its record breaking Maxeon solar cells

Hydrogen fuel - solar cell technology

SunPower, a leading solar energy company, has announced that its record breaking solar energy cells have entered commercial production. The company’s Maxeon solar cells broke the world record for both efficiency and performance last year, showing that solar energy is a viable alternative to oil. The cells broke down much of the negative stigmas that surround solar power and the company believes that commercialization will further the favor of solar energy amongst consumers and businesses. The solar cells are capable of generating electricity with 24% efficiency, the highest level of…

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Sunrun report details the growth of the solar leasing market

solar energy

A new report from Sunrun, a solar energy company based in the U.S., suggests that millions of Americans are switching to solar energy. The report shows that third-party solar energy is becoming a more popular option amongst homeowners. Third-party solar, also known as solar leasing, is a way of obtaining solar energy by renting solar panels from an energy company like Sunrun. Homeowners can make use of these solar panels for a monthly fee, using the electricity they generate to meet various needs. Solar leasing has been a source of…

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Germany’s use of solar energy has lowered the cost of power in the country by 40%

A new study from the Fraunhofer Institute, a research firm based in Munich, Germany, shows how effectively Germany has been able to keep energy prices low through the use of alternative energy. Germany is currently one of the world leading authorities in sustainability. The nation has various alternative energy projects from which it is drawing power. These projects include hydrogen and wind power, but the country’s use of solar energy has lead it to the position it is in today. According to the institute’s report, the country’s use of solar…

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