Google purchases more renewable energy than it consumes

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Google has announced that it now purchases more clean power than it actually uses Google has become the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world. The company claims that it now purchases more clean power than it actually consumes. Google’s renewable energy efforts began in earnest in 2017, when it unveiled plans to power all of its data centers with wind, solar, and others forms of clean power. While Google now purchases more clean power than it actually consumes, not all of the company’s electricity comes from renewable…

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Apple targets hydrogen for future mobile energy projects

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Apple’s interest in alternative energy is beginning to take form as the prestigious technology company sets its eye on hydrogen. The company has begun developing a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell that will be used to power portable electronics. Apple has been awarded two new patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for projects concerning fuel cells. The patents outline Apple’s want to build fuel cells that are lightweight, portable and more powerful than their larger counterparts. One of the patents is for a project titled “Parallel Fuel Stack Architecture.”…

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