New biofuel production method could make process more affordable

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Microbiologist discovers a way to streamline biofuel production Biofuel is becoming more popular around the world, especially in countries eager to break their reliance on fossil-fuels. Biofuel production can be a costly endeavor, however, and the expensive nature of the process has kept the fuel out of the reach of many. Not only in the biofuel production process expensive, it also requires a significant amount of fossil-fuel-generated power to deliver results, making biofuel a less clean form of energy than it is intended to be. A microbiologist from the Missouri…

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Researchers find animals with hydrogen fuel cells in the deep sea’s hydrothermal vents

hydrothermal vents

The issue of alternative energy continues to become one of increasing necessity as more nations seek to break away from oil. The need is spurred by humanity’s growing reliance on technology and a rapidly growing population which demands more and more energy to support. Hydrogen is, perhaps, the most promising solution to the world’s energy needs, but research into fuel cell technology has been slow going. Scientists have been hunting for ways to make fuel cells more efficient and less expensive for decades but the answers have eluded them. The…

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