Mogix Products Give the Gift of a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint - Mogix Sale

To make things better, the brand is offering a huge Black Friday weekend coupon code for eco-friendly savings. Mogix is a company that is rather unsuspecting when it comes to its ability to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint. After all, it is best known for its products such as a high capacity, slim fit portable phone batteries and its emergency auto tool that includes a digital tire gauge among other features. The Mogix brand is highly environmentally conscious and helps customers reduce waste. The Mogix high capacity external battery charger…

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Report Finds Ground Source Heat Pumps are Extremely Efficient

According to a new report from North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, The GSHP or Ground Source Heat Pump is 45 percent more efficient than any other heating or cooling system. The report also says that the number of individuals who install this systems completely depends of the amount of state and federal incentives there are. A GSHP takes advantage of the fact that the ground around structures remains significantly constant all year, usually between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the exact location in the US. Pumping the water…

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Fracking: An environmental hot button

Fracking, the buzz-word that has become part of the environmental vernacular of late, is short for hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is the process by which a mixture of certain chemicals are mixed with water and then pushed deep into the shale rock beneath the earth’s surface. The point of fracking is to create cracks, or fractures, in the shale out of which can be extracted oil or gasses. After the rock has been fractured, the chemical mixture is removed. So, what’s the big deal? Why is fracking so controversial? According…

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Firms Shifting Focus from Fossil Fuels to Hydrogen

Since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels have powered global economies, and up until now they are the primary sources for energy. Growing concerns for the environment led the industry to search for alternative solutions, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass energy. However, the accessibility of oil, gas, and coal still plays a pertinent role in everyday operations. World Watch Institute reported that the total global fossil fuel consumption in 2012 was 87 percent and predicted that coal consumption would surpass oil by 2017. But given the current situation of…

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Unique Green building technologies come to Minnesota

Minnesota will be home to the tallest wood-framed building in America. A seven-storey, 210,000 square foot office building designed with a frame constructed from sustainably grown and harvested wood will be the tallest of its kind in America, and this structure featuring wood-based green building technologies has received a lot of positive attention in the country. The unique building will be constructed of concrete, steel, and engineered lumber. According to Green Building Elements, the architect behind the T3 project, which is short for “Timber, Technology, and Transit,” is Michael Green,…

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Wind energy agreement made by Microsoft

The deal is with Texas wind power and is designed to last for the next two decades. Microsoft Corp. has just entered into its latest agreement in an effort to improve its carbon neutrality by signing a wind energy deal that would have the technology giant purchase power from a new wind farm in Texas. The company is a massive consumer of electricity considering the nature of its business. For that reason, it will now be purchasing power from a wind energy farm in Texas, marking the first time that…

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Let Your Grass Grow: Save Water, Money and the Earth

Everybody wants a beautiful, manicured lawn with no weeds, but if you’re looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, all that watering and fertilizing isn’t helping—and it could be hurting. Something Old, Something New: Eco-Friendly Grass Seed Jackson Madnick is a Wayland, Mass., man whose cat died from exposure to toxic chemicals used by a nearby golf course, according to CNN Money. The incident inspired Madnick to develop a grass seed that required less water, resisted insects and disease and needed less frequent mowing. He spent a great deal of time developing a seed mix…

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ClearEdge Power wins a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy


ClearEdge Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, is to be awarded an industry and federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant, priced at $2.8 million, is for the company’s line of next generation fuel cells that will be put to use in 10 different locations throughout California and Oregon. The new fuel cells, called ClearEdge5, implements a number of technological advances that make it more efficient and affordable. ClearEdge is one of the first fuel cell manufacturers to successfully lower the price of their units without…

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New York ditches solar panels in favor of hydrogen fuel cells

New York - Solar Energy

New York has won acclaim amongst advocates of the environment for its progress toward alternative power sources. New York City is one of the places where sustainable technology is being put to the test. Buses serving in the city’s public transit system have been using hydrogen as a fuel for a few years now and several government buildings have installed solar panels to offset their carbon footprint. City Hall had plans to make use of solar power as well, but those plans have been scrapped. Now, city officials are making…

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