Wind energy now cheaper than coal in Europe

Energy utility releases information showing that wind power is now less expensive than coal Wind energy may now be the least expensive form of power in Europe, according to Portugal’s EDP, a prominent energy utility. The utility has released information that suggests onshore wind energy is not more affordable than coal and oil, making it one of the most economically attractive forms of power in Europe. Wind energy has already managed to find strong support from many European countries, some of whom are investing heavily in offshore wind projects, but…

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European companies ally to tackle the challenge of sustainability

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

Nowhere in the world is alternative energy a bigger subject than it is in Europe. The majority of countries in the region have been working to adopt alternative energy for several years now. Only recently, however, has the European Union been throwing its support behind the effort. While the EU has made significant progress in promoting clean fuel and sustainability, many European countries are saying that it is too little too late. These companies have now banded together to tackle the challenge themselves. The new coalition has been formed by…

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