France introduces taxes that could aid the adoption of renewable energy

Renewable energy transition may be accelerated with the help of taxation France has revealed a new plan to introduce taxes on nuclear energy and emissions produced by fossil-fuels. The measure is meant to accelerate the country’s adoption of renewable energy and strengthen the country’s environmental and economic standing. Like other European countries, France has shown a strong interest in renewable energy, primarily for its economic merits. The country is currently undergoing an energy transition and has been investing heavily in clean technology in the hopes of phasing out its use…

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Cap-and-trade success in California could extend program nationwide

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

California could prove a successful testing ground for cap-and-trade system Cap-and-trade has long been a controversial topic within the U.S. Though the country is keen to curb its carbon dioxide emissions, the connotations associated with a cap-and-trade system are not often well received by the general public or businesses. For many, the possible link between the government’s actions concerning emissions and the phenomenon of climate change are abrasive. Businesses have not been fans of a cap-and-trade system because of the high operational costs they could see. The country may soon…

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