Pew Charitable Trusts to invest $1.9 trillion in alternative energy

Hydrogen Fuel Funding

Developers and financiers involved with Pew Charitable Trusts will support alternative energy The Pew Charitable Trusts, a non-profit organization devoted to improving public policy and stimulating civic life, has announced that various developers and financiers will be investing more than $1.9 trillion into the alternative energy sector over the next five years. These investments will help fund the development and deployment of new alternative energy systems. Several investors are expected to focus heavily on solar and wind energy, as these two sectors account for the major of the alternative energy…

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European Energy Exchange sees negative energy prices throughout region

european energy exchange negative energy prices

European Energy Exchange reports on falling energy prices Europe has been a strong adopter of alternative energy. Several European countries have shown a great deal of support for various forms of alternative energy, backed by the aid of the European Union and, in part, by the United Nations. This intense focus appears to be paying off, according to the European Energy Exchange, the leading energy exchange of Central Europe. The organization notes that Europe’s adoption of alternative energy is helping drive down the cost of electricity. Energy prices fall with…

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Energy super peaks are disappearing in Australia

Austrailia Energy Consumption

Energy demand dropping in Australia In Australia, energy peak demand may be disappearing. For the past several years, the country has experienced periods in which the cost of energy would be pushed beyond $5,000 per megawatt-hour due to high demand. These “super peaks” generally lasted between 36 and 100 hours, but still cause a significant financial impact on the country when they occur. The super peaks are often caused due to the energy demands of citizens during the hottest seasons of the year or the energy needs of various projects…

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AT&T and Bloom Energy team to bring fuel cells to California


AT&T and Bloom Energy, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, are partnering to install several fuel cell units in 11 different AT&T offices throughout California. Bloom Energy will be providing their renowned Bloom Boxes, fuel cell units that produce more than 7.5 megawatts of electricity, enough to account for the majority of the energy demand coming from the offices. The units are little larger than mini-fridges and can be run on anything from natural gas to solar power. The only emissions of the fuel cells are clean water and highly…

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