Hydrogen fuel cells could help energy security in Europe

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Europe Energy Security

Conference highlights the energy security potential of fuel cell systems Europe’s energy security may be boosted through the use of hydrogen fuel cells, according to suggested made at a recent conference held in Estonia. The conference was organized by Estonia’s National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics and VTT, a technical research organization in Finland. Elcogen, a developer of solid oxide fuel cell systems, was also heavily involved in the organization of the event. During the conference, speakers suggested that existing hydrogen fuel cells could help solve Europe’s energy security…

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Renewable energy may be the key to prolonged energy security

Energy ministers gather to discuss issues concerning Europe’s reliance on Russian natural gas Last week, energy ministers representing the G7 countries concluded a special meeting that was held in Rome. The meeting focused on Europe’s reliance on Russia and what impact this ongoing reliance could have from an energy security and stability perspective. Europe currently receives a third of its natural gas from Russia, but political tensions are throwing this energy supply into jeopardy. Finding an alternative source of natural gas, or increasing focus on renewable energy, is becoming a…

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Renewable energy is becoming a national security issue in the US

US continues to deal with security issues that are related to energy Energy has long been a political matter in the U.S. As the country continues to rely on fossil-fuels from other countries, energy has also become a matter of national security. The Department of Defense believes that a heavier focus on renewable energy is necessary in order to avoid potential disasters in the future. This matter is beginning to attract more attention as recent analysis from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission suggests how easy it could be for malicious…

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Renewable energy could be the answer to energy security in the EU

EU energy security renewable energy

EU shows concerns regarding energy security, may turn to renewable energy for solution It is becoming more common for energy to be considered a matter of security around the world, especially as most of the world continues to hold a strong reliance on fossil-fuels. In Europe, energy security is becoming a major issue, due to concerns regarding the region’s heavy dependence on Russian gas imports. Russian politics have begun to exploit this dependence, leading the European Union to take more considerations in the realm of renewable energy. Biogas may soon be…

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Hydrogenics among top 10 winners of the Defense Energy Technology Challenge

Clean transportation success achieved

Hydrogencis technology wins top honors in challenge Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cell products, has been selected as one of the winners of the 2012 Defense Energy Technology Challenge. More than 250 applicants competed in the challenges, each of whom represented some form of energy. Hydrogenics’ power-to-gas energy storage system won the company a high position in the challenge. Storage technology has become a popular topic in the world of hydrogen fuel and Hydrogenics is one of the many companies currently working on developing and deploying more efficient…

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