Are Green Mobile Phone Providers The Future?

green mobile phone

Green mobile providers are the future. We are at a crucial time, when we are hurriedly trying to reverse the environmental depressions that we humans have caused, so far. All companies which want to still be relevant in the future are making efforts to go as ‘green’ as possible, from industrial processes ( manufacturing and packaging) to the products they are offering. Some of these companies have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, developed environmentally-conscious products and have directed their supply chain to a purpose of conserving the environment. So, are…

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Company grows durable, sustainable materials from fungus


Alternative energies garner the majority of attention from the media when it comes to sustainability. There is more to sustainability that renewable fuel, however, as Ecovative Design, a biomaterials company, is keen to show. The company has made a name for itself in the realm of sustainable materials but replacing the harmful chemicals found in most industrial products with what it calls “mushroom technology.” Indeed, the company uses fungus to create anything from insulation to packaging materials. The fungus in question is mycelium, a thread-like network of fungal components that…

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