Five New Green Travel Innovations

Green energy is currently one of the world’s fastest growing industries… and according to the International Energy Agency, it will soon replace natural gas as the second leading power source by the year 2016. Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power, make up the most rapidly developing sectors of the electricity generation industry. In fact, it’s been estimated that its prevalence will jump by a staggering 40 percent in the five years to come. In the United States alone, green energy was used to generate 12 percent of the country’s electricity,…

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Insight and tips for improving efforts in sustainability


Tips for business owners and how to promote sustainability in the workplace Today’s corporate marketplace has essentially made efforts for sustainability a vital activity, but without the participation of the workers, any successes that are achieved will be restricted. One of the most important factors to ensure the awareness of a sustainability program in a company, and to increase its likelihood of effectiveness, is internal communication. In order to find out how effective an organization is at its own efforts toward sustainability, and to help measure its awareness and effectiveness…

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Sustainability practices could provide companies with significant financial and eco-friendly opportunities

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According to a recent Ernst & Young LLP survey, though there are two important green benefits for companies who make efforts for sustainability – environmental friendliness, and financial savings – many are not able to take advantage of those opportunities due to a lack of integration between sustainability programs and tax departments. In fact, only 16 percent of the survey respondents that stated that they either currently have or are already working on the creation of an environmental sustainability strategy, also claimed that their finance or tax departments played an…

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