Russia seeks to develop 1.9 GW of wind energy capacity

Wind Energy Capacity - Wind Turbines Spinning

Russia holds auction to support the development of wind energy projects Russia is looking to build up its wind energy capacity by auctioning off projects. The latest auction is the largest that the country has ever held to expand its renewable energy resources and will occur in two phases. The first phase of the auction began on May 29. The next phase is set to begin on June 9 of this year. Russia’s NP Market Council expects that the results of the auction will be revealed at the end of…

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Wind energy gains momentum in the Nordic countries

Wind power could soon replace gas and coal energy in Scandinavia Wind energy may be having a major impact on the Scandinavian energy structure. Coal and gas have been the most prominent forms of energy among the Nordic countries for years, but these countries have begun investing heavily in clean energy, with a particular interest in wind power. In recent years, the role of fossil-fuels has changed in Scandinavia, with coal  and gas power plants in Finland and Denmark providing swing energy to Norway and Sweden when the hydropower systems…

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