Hydrogen fuel stations are inoperable in California

Drivers are reporting problems with hydrogen stations in the state California is one of the leading clean transportation markets in the United States, with many consumers opting to purchase electric vehicles and those powered by hydrogen fuel cells. For the most part, conventional electric vehicles have been well received among consumers, though their limited operational range has left much to be desired. For those with fuel cells, however, this is not the case, as many have begun reporting problems with the state’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Fuel cells continue to gain…

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Hydrogen powered cars abundant by 2015

Hydrogen powered cars 2015

Consumers will be seeing hydrogen powered cars soon In just a few years, car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are set to make cars run on hydrogen fuel cells, otherwise known as FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), commonplace in the automotive industry. Moving to the mainstream The Asian Pacific region has been long pushing for and developing cars run on fuel cells powered by hydrogen. Despite heavy investments and the popularity of the idea with the public, car manufacturers have yet to successfully commercialize hydrogen-fueled vehicles. There are some…

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Turkey may be one of the world’s top producers of hydrogen

Istanbul Turkey Hydrogen Market Leader

Officials with the United Nations’ International Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies say that most European nations will be fully reliant upon alternative fuels, especially hydrogen, by 2020. And so, the race for hydrogen is on. Fuel cells have been seeing more use in a number of industries; including auto, construction and distribution, but the world still lack an infrastructure capable of supporting a hydrogen economy. Nations like Germany and the UK have garnered quite a bit of attention for their efforts toward this end, but it is in Turkey where…

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Hydrogen powered business

Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, a leading provider in hydrogen fuel cell technology, has been enlisted by Coca-Cola to furnish its California bottling and distribution center with hydrogen powered forklifts. Air Liquide will supply liquid hydrogen, fueling stations, and the infrastructure necessary to power a fleet of 37 forklifts that will operate the 250,000 square foot facility. This marks the second such agreement between Air Liquide and a big name company. Walmart Canada used Air Liquide’s hydrogen powered forklifts at its sustainable distribution center in Alberta. The fuel cells will…

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