Germany continues to establish itself as a world leader of renewable energy

Germany set a new national record for renewable power. On July 25, the nation met 78% of the day’s electricity demand using renewable energy sources, which exceeded its 74% record that it set last year in May. This was made possible by sunny conditions in southern Germany (where most of the country’s solar panels reside), and storms across northern Europe (most of Germany’s wind turbines have been installed in the north), according to an analysis by Craig Morris, a German energy expert at the Energiewende blog, reported ThinkProgress. Aside from…

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Germany continues to struggle with renewable energy

Germany Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Plans

Renewable energy finds traction in Germany Germany has become an active hub for renewable energy, especially when it comes to the matter of solar power. The country’s interest in renewable energy is largely backed by a growing need to break away from nuclear energy. Germany has been working to move away from nuclear energy for several years, but its efforts did not find traction until the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, which is one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has seen thus far. Clean power faces challenges throughout…

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