Solar energy could meet 100% of world’s energy demand

Global Solar Energy Market

Solar energy could have major potential, if land were not an issue It is not secret that solar energy systems require a significant investment of land in order to be considered viable. Small amounts of land limit the size of these systems, making their ability to produce electricity much lower than systems found on larger tracks of land. Devoting large areas of land has typically been a problematic issue when it comes to solar energy. Critics often suggest that solar energy will never be able to meet any significant portion…

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Wind energy may have a promising future

wind energy support

Global wind energy industry could become a major boon for worldwide energy supply The Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace International have released a new report concerning wind energy and its potential to meet global energy demands. Wind powered energy has been growing in popularity all over the world, largely because of its economic promise and ability to provide countries with renewable electrical power. Countries like the United Kingdom and those with access to strong wind streams have been investing heavily in wind energy in the hopes of becoming more…

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