Honda FCX Clarity a surprise backup energy system powered by hydrogen and solar energy

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Honda hydrogen powered car goes hybrid. Honda has announced plans to upgrade its FCX Clarity’s energy system into a hybrid of hydrogen and solar power. The Clarity was released four years ago and has been powered entirely by hydrogen fuel throughout that time. Honda believes that a hybrid energy system will make the vehicle more appealing to consumers and will establish the Clarity as one of the leading alternative energy vehicles currently available. The hybrid system does not serve a singular purpose, however, and the Clarity may be a very…

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Air Liquide to supply fuel for hydrogen-powered bus in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Alabama Hydrogen bus

Air Liquide, a producer of industrial gases, such as hydrogen and natural gas, has announced that it will be supplying fuel for a hydrogen-powered bus in Birmingham, Alabama. The company has reached an agreement with the Center for Transportation and the Environment and will begin bolstering the city’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure this week. The hydrogen-powered bus will be part of a demonstration of hydrogen energy put on by the agency. The bus will be open to the public and will operate alongside other vehicles working for the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit…

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Hyundai to attend All-Energy 2012 with the help of ITM Power fuel station

All Energy 2012

Japanese automaker Hyundai has announced that it will be participating in the All-Energy 2012 renewable energy exhibition in the United Kingdom. During the event, Hyundai will show off its hydrogen-powered SUV at the “Ride and Drive” demonstration area. Those attending the event will be able to take the SUV for a test drive to get an idea of how well hydrogen-powered vehicles perform. The automaker is able to attend the event thanks to a hydrogen fuel station provided by ITM Power. ITM Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has…

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A*STAR researchers create new pressure sensors using nanotechnology


Researchers from the A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics have constructed new pressure sensors using nanotechnology. Pressure sensors are widely used throughout the world of medicine and mechanics. Such sensors can often be found in vehicles and are used to note changes in fuel pressure. The new sensors developed at A*STAR are comprised of nanowires, which researchers claim have superior electrical and mechanical properties compared to conventional components usually found in sensory devices. The A*STAR sensors can detect even the slightest changes in pressure. As such, these devices are likely to be…

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Tropical S.A. seeking investments to help expand its fuel cells business

Hydrogenics Hydrogen Propulsion Technology News

Tropical S.A., a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced its first round of investments this week. The company is seeking investments from the private sector in the hopes of bolstering business. Tropical specializes in making fuel cells for industrial purposes. These stationary fuel cells are garnering a great deal of acclaim in the world of industry for their ability to produce large amounts of energy at low cost, with the exception of the initial purchase, of course. The funds raised during the round of investments will go toward helping…

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Nuclear energy could hold the key to the fabled “hydrogen economy”

nuclear energy

Since the Japanese earthquake of March 2011, nuclear power has been cast as the villain for much of the rest of the world. The quake triggered a serious nuclear crisis that threatened the health and safety of thousands of Japanese citizens. Had the crisis bloomed into a catastrophe, it would have overshadowed previous nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an intergovernmental forum focused on nuclear power, claims that there is a benefit to the energy that is being overlooked. IAEA member Ibrahim Khamis, Ph.D., spoke…

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Department of Energy to fund study of hydrogen fuel stations in the U.S.

US Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The Department of Energy has announced a new round of funding for the study of hydrogen refueling stations throughout the country. The agency’s interest in hydrogen energy has been growing over the past two years, despite cutbacks it has made to its research and development of fuel cells. The DOE is funding the research with approximately $2 million. The study will focus on examining the performance of the fuel cells operating at the 56 stations currently open to the public in the U.S. The study will be conducted over the…

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California to revive stagnant West Coast Hydrogen Highway initiative

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Mere weeks after California announced the successful operation of its ambitious West Coast Electric Highway, an initiative that installed electric charging stations along the I-5 toward Oregon, the state is now embarking on an initiative to revive its West Coast Hydrogen Highway. At its height, the initiative aimed to install a serious of hydrogen fuel stations on major highways throughout the state. The plan hit roadblocks during the Schwarzenegger administration when the state Legislature determined that the stations must receive a fifth of their energy from renewable sources. This requirement…

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Honda opens new solar-hydrogen fuel station in Saitama, Japan

Honda Hydrogen Refueling station

Japanese automaker Honda has announced the opening of a new hydrogen fuel station in Saitama, Japan. The station will be open to the public and will provide drivers with a reliable and quick way to refuel their fuel cell vehicles. The station will be able to produce more than 1.5 kilograms of hydrogen gas every 24 hours, which is enough to service a significant portion of Japan’s hydrogen-powered vehicles. The most remarkable aspect of the new station at Saitama is its use of solar power. The station is equipped with…

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University of Connecticut researchers devise new manufacturing process to produce affordable hydrogen fuel cells

University of Connecticut

Researchers from the University of Connecticut’s Center for Clean Energy Engineering are developing what they believe to be the next generation of hydrogen fuel cells. Lead by Professor Radenka Maric, researchers are working to develop materials and technologies that will reduce the production costs of fuel cells as well as increase their efficiency. Efforts are focused on both proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cells. The latter of the two is often used for industrial purposes. PEM fuel cells are popular in the auto industry because of their…

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Denmark reveals new Energy Plan to bolster hydrogen energy infrastructure by 2020

Denmark Alternative Energy

Denmark has adopted a new energy plan that will help it reach energy independence by 2050. The government’s initiative, fittingly named Energy Plan 2020, aims to establish a foundation for hydrogen fuel. This infrastructure is expected to be functional and sustainable by 2020. The initiative will focus heavily on hydrogen-powered transportation and the government is hoping to have a strong support structure in place by 2015, when hydrogen-powered vehicles begin flooding the commercial market. The project will bring more hydrogen fuel stations to Denmark and help provide support for companies…

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Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE demonstrates the benefits of a solar-powered hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel Refueling Station Freiburg Germany

Fraunhofer ISE, an alternative energy company specializing in solar and hydrogen power, has launched the first demonstration of its new hydrogen fueling station in Germany. Germany is becoming a hub for hydrogen fuel infrastructure, boasting of enough fueling stations to rival California in the U.S. The Fraunhofer station is much different from its counterparts, however, as it utilizes solar energy to power its system of hydrogen fuel cells. The demonstration is aimed at promoting hydrogen fuel as an alternative to petroleum and show the prowess of hybrid energy systems. The…

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Report shows that global catalyst market is showing healthy signs of growth

Renewable Energy Report

ReportsnReports, a market research firm that accumulates reports from around the world, has added a new report to its offering. The report, “Refinery Catalyst Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018,” details the trends emerging in the global catalyst market. The report concerns hydro-processing catalysts, which are commonly used in hydrogen fuel cells. Comprising 683 pages, the data contained within the report suggests that the market is growing at a quick pace and could reach $4.3 billion by 2018. The growth is largely spurred by the growing popularity…

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Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team prepares for competition in the Shell Eco-Marathon

Mizzou Hydrogen Team

The 2012 Shell Eco-Marathon is rapidly approaching and the teams participating in the event are beginning to feel the pressure. The competition will be held in Houston, Texas, beginning March 29 and will run until April 1. The competition will attract several teams that are looking to pit their alternative energy vehicles against one another. In past events, battery-powered electrics have performed very well. This year, however, hydrogen is expected to make a major showing. The Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team from the University of Missouri is hoping to show that…

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National Physical Laboratory researchers create new electrode to monitor PEM fuel cells

new electrode to monitor PEM fuel cells

Researchers from the National Physical Laboratory… In the U.K., have developed a new electrode that can be placed in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells – those commonly used in the auto industry – to monitor their performance. PEM fuel cells were chosen by the auto industry for their performance, being roughly on par with traditional petroleum engines. These types of fuel cells are more prone to corrosion than other fuel cells. Concerns regarding this corrosion could make hydrogen powered cars unpopular with consumers as replacing a fuel cell would be…

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Carbon Trust backs revolutionary hydrogen projects, claims drivers will be using hydrogen as a fuel by 2017

Clean Technology Market

Hydrogen-powered transportation is about to get a kick start in the United Kingdom as the country’s Carbon Trust, a non-profit organization that exists to promote alternative energy and efficiency, announces funding for four manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cells. The companies the group is funding have been working to establish a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the UK and have been mass producing fuel cells for vehicles. These companies will receive approximately $1.4 million in funds. The Carbon Trust believes that this will hasten the coming of hydrogen-powered vehicles to the country.…

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