Swatch announces plans for new hydrogen-powered car

hydrogen powered car

Hydrogen-powered cars are becoming more popular around the world, so much so that companies that do not specialize in building vehicles are looking to get in on the action. Swatch, the largest watch-maker in Switzerland, has announced that it is looking to build a new vehicle that is powered by hydrogen and oxygen. Swatch tried to build an alternative energy vehicle once before. In 1997, the company partnered with Daimler, makers of Mercedes-Benz, to build a small electric car. The project was never completed. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek notes that…

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Hydrogen-powered cars may be a longshot, unless a fuel infrastructure exists

Alternative Energy

With most major automakers designing hydrogen-powered vehicles, hydrogen transportation has moved beyond the realm of possibility and has become inevitable. Though car manufacturers are touting hydrogen as the fuel of the future, they have largely been unsuccessful in lowering the cost of hydrogen fuel cells. This could be a problem for the future of hydrogen transportation because most new hydrogen-powered vehicles are expected to cost at least $100,000. Couple the cost with a nearly non-existent infrastructure and hydrogen may not be the fuel that powers future transportation. Many automakers have…

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Texas to work toward establishing itself as a key player in the manufacture of new vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Station Texas

The auto industry has been championing hydrogen transportation aggressively for the past two years. As automakers focus on producing hydrogen-powered vehicles, they have set their sights on California and Hawaii as priority markets. Both states have working hydrogen fuel infrastructures and a base of consumers that are keenly interested in hydrogen. Texas, however, wants to establish itself as a competitor with both California and Hawaii. In Austin, state officials are working to make manufacturing cars in the state more alluring. State officials are working with the Greater Austin Chamber of…

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell now available to the U.S. market

hydrogen fuel vehicle - Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell

Mercedes-Benz has been spending the better part of two years promoting hydrogen fuel. In 2010, the automaker embarked on a world tour, in which it took its B-Class F-Cell hydrogen-powered vehicle to various locations as a way to show off how viable fuel cells really are. Like most other automakers, Mercedes-Benz expected its vehicles to be released at some point in 2013, at the earliest. The company seems to be well ahead of schedule, as it has recently announced that its B-Class F-Cell is now available to the U.S. market.…

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Toyota releases more news about hydrogen power with details on their future manufacturing plans

Focus on Hydrogen Fuel

Toyota recently announced that it had taken on hydrogen fuel as one of its primary focuses. The Japanese automaker has long been an advocate of electric transportation, showing strong support for battery batter. After showing off its latest concept of its FCV model, Toyota has announced that it is taking a very aggressive stance in regards to hydrogen-powered vehicles. The company has announced that it will be making thousands of fuel cell cars each year for the next ten years. The company believes that the world is moving toward oil-free…

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Toyota embraces hydrogen as one of its primary fuels, plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2015

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Car

Japanese automaker Toyota has long been a staunch advocate of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. The company has remained true to its adherence to hybrids and pure electrics even while most of the auto industry adopted hydrogen with open arms. As its competitors gained acclaimed and a great deal of attention for their use of hydrogen fuel cells, Toyota was left in the dark. Now, however, the automaker has also taken up hydrogen as one of its favored fuels and plans to establish itself as a leader in the changing industry…

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BMW says that the future of hydrogen energy is in the hands of consumers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Outlook

Though most major automakers are investing heavily into hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW says that consumers will be the ones that decide whether hydrogen, as energy, has a future. The automaker has supported fuel cells in the past and believes that hydrogen is a viable alternative to oil, but claims that automakers won’t see success with the technology through efforts of brute force. Regardless of all the money that automakers have dumped into improving fuel cells and making hydrogen-powered cars, consumers hold the keys to the ultimate fate of the…

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U.S. Army shows off world’s first fleet of hydrogen-powered military vehicles

Hydrogen Cars

The United States Army has revealed the world’s first military fleet powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells. The fleet is comprised of 16 vehicles that will begin field testing in Hawaii this year. The vehicles are part of the U.S. military’s continued experimentation with alternative energy. The Department of Defense has highlighted hydrogen as one of its top priorities for the future and this latest development shows that the agency is making good on its promises to break the country’s dependence of oil. Once the vehicles have gone through the…

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General Motors and The Gas Company team to build Hawaii’s first hydrogen fuel cell service center

Hawaii - solar energy

Hawaii’s The Gas Company has announced plans to partner with General Motors in an effort to open a new service center for hydrogen-powered vehicles in Honolulu. The service center is meant to be a source of maintenance and repair for the hydrogen fuel cells that power new vehicles coming from most major automakers, including GM. GM Believes that the facility will make it easier for consumers to adopt hydrogen energy as it will provide them with a safety net should the technology in their vehicles fail and they do not…

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Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered world tour in March of this year

Toyota is embarking on a tour of the world with its new hydrogen-powered concept car, the FCV-R. The tour will launch next month in Europe, where the FCV-R will stop at a number of locations to show of the prowess and viability of hydrogen fuel cells as a source of energy. The FCV-R made its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, but Toyota was shy with details on the vehicle’s technology and capabilities. The company’s clandestine attitude now seems to be well founded, as it will…

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United Kingdom launches new hydrogen power initiative with the help of the global auto industry

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The auto industry is taking hydrogen fuel cell energy very seriously. Over the past two years, automakers all over the world have been showing off their new hydrogen-powered vehicles, claiming that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. These claims had once been met with derision from skeptics, but that did not slow the momentum that automakers had gained. Now the United Kingdom is throwing its support behind the auto industry and has announced the launch of a new initiative to progress hydrogen beyond its current point. The initiative is…

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Suzuki and Intelligent Energy join to found new joint venture that could change the world of hydrogen energy transportation

Biofuel research

Japanese automaker Suzuki has partnered with Intelligent Energy, an alternative energy company based in the UK, to launch a new joint venture called SMILE FC System Corporation. The venture aims to create a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells that are more efficient for vehicles. The fuel cells manufactured by SMILE FC will be air-cooled, which both companies hope will make them more effective and improve their longevity. Each fuel cell will be designed with vehicles in mind and will be made in such a way that ensures that they…

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Bloomberg study shows the number of electric charging stations shadows the number of ethanol fuel stations in the U.S.

electric vehicles

A new study from Bloomberg, a multinational financial news corporation, shows that the number of public charging stations in the U.S. outnumbers ethanol fueling stations. According to the study, there are more than 4,400 charging stations throughout the country, each capable of powering more than one electric vehicle at a time. There are only 2,500 ethanol fueling stations in the U.S., all of which are used to fuel the 7.6 million vehicles that run solely on the fuel. While charging stations may outnumber ethanol station, there are only 16,000 electric…

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Honda launches new marketing campaign for hydrogen-powered and natural gas vehicles

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Japanese automaker Honda has begun marketing their new alternative energy vehicles. The company expects to have their new natural gas Civic and hydrogen-powered FX Clarity ready for the consumer market in 2013, but it will not be marketing these vehicles the way it does with its conventional models. Instead, Honda will focus on online advertising and encouraging owners of these vehicles to spread the word. The basis of this initiative is that owners of these new vehicles are “influencers in their communities,” according to Steve Center, vice president of Environmental…

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Business relations between Indian and the UK showing promise thanks to alternative energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

The British Empire may be on its way back to India as the country begins to purchase more electric vehicles built in the UK. While the return of Britain will not be political in any way, the business relations between the two countries are likely to form a stronger bond than either have held for several years. Tata Steel, a multi-national steel-making company based in London, has been working on a new energy system that its subsidiary, Tata Motors, the largest automaker in India, will be using for a new…

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Osaka Sangyo University students make their own hydrogen-powered vehicle

Osaka Sangyo University

A small group of students from the Osaka Sangyo University in Japan have built a full-fledged hydrogen-powered vehicle. The project was part of the university’s ongoing research into hydrogen fuel cells and how they could be used in the future. This is the first electric vehicle to be produced in Japan that was not backed by a major company or government agency. What makes the vehicle truly impressive is the fact that it was exceedingly easy to build. Students built the vehicle in their spare time. The vehicle is comprised…

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