India achieves major accomplishment with its renewable energy capacity

Renewable Energy - Indian Flag on Country Outline

India surpasses the 50 GW mark in renewable energy capacity India has reached another major milestone in its renewable energy sector. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has announced that the country’s operational grid-connected clean power capacity surpassed 50 gigawatts. More than half of this capacity comes from wind power, with solar energy coming in second. Hydropower, bioenergy, and waste-to-energy solutions make up the remainder of the country’s renewable energy capacity. While solar falls significantly behind wind in terms of capacity, India is considered one of the world’s fastest…

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India set to launch a new online solar energy training program

Solar Energy - India Sunset

New program aims to help train individuals to be solar technicians Solar energy is growing quickly in India and the government has plans to ensure that the sector has as much support as it needs to thrive. The government has announced that it will be launching a new online training program designed to help people become professional solar technicians. The Solar Energy Corporation of India has been tapped to implement this online program. Those with an Internet connection can enroll in online courses for just $8.79. Those completing the online…

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India’s solar energy capacity is on the rise

New solar projects in India could push the country’s capacity up to 20 GW India continues its push to embrace solar energy and is expected to reach a significant milestone within the next two years. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy estimates that some 20 gigawatts of solar energy capacity will be installed in the country by March 2017. This will depend, of course, on the completion of several projects that are currently under various stages of development throughout the country. India has become a very prominent solar market,…

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