Penn State researchers create microbial fuel cell that could bring clean water to impoverished communities around the world

fracking - contaminated water

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University have created a new fuel cell that could be a great boon for impoverished communities around the world. It is called the microbial reverse electrolysis cell (MRC), and is a kind of microbial fuel cell that generated electricity by consuming hydrogen gas. Penn State researchers believe that their new fuel cell serves a dual purpose of water-treatment and energy generation. As with other hydrogen fuel cells, the MRC creates clean water as a byproduct of energy production, though at much greater quantities than its…

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Mobile energy finds an advocate in myFC, creators of the PowerTrekk energy system

Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Mobile Phones

As the world grows increasingly mobile, the need for mobile energy systems is getting more attention. Swedish technology firm myFC has created a system it believes could solve the problem. The company has created a mobile hydrogen fuel cell that can provide electricity for mobile devices and other electronics. It is called PowerTrekk and is roughly the size of a hockey puck. The little fuel cell can produce enough electricity to power a smart phone with only a small supply of water. Though the fuel cell is small, it operates…

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