Geothermal heating plant spreads the warmth in Paris

Geothermal Heating Plant

The Clichy-Batignolles municipality of the French capital now has a fully operational facility. The geothermal heating plant launched at the Paris City Hall in February is now operational. The facility is located in the Clichy-Batignolles municipality in the greater Parisian area. The new geothermal facility provides home within the district with eco-friendly heat and sanitary water. Aside from the environmental advantages available through the geothermal heating plant, it was also designed to be the first component of a broader network of localized power generation. It also represents a sizeable opportunity…

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Geothermal energy potential looks promising in France

The search is on for underground heat below Paris. France’s geothermal energy potential appears to be very promising and the country is turning to an oil services company, Cofor and Schlumberger, to provide its drilling expertise to burrow under the Parisian suburbs between Orly Airport and the Eiffel Tower to find an underground heat source. The country hopes to use geothermal power to heat about 170,000 homes, hospitals, and schools. According to Bloomberg, the Paris region is only second to Iceland for having the largest concentration of “low-energy” geothermal installations…

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