Isobutanol produced by tweaking common bacterium

Isobutanol - Image from Wikipedia

MIT researchers create biofuel using Ralstonia eutropha Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been experimenting with a bacterium known as Ralstonia eutropha, which is commonly found in soil. It is known that the bacterium has a tendency to produce massive amounts of carbon compounds when it is stressed. This tendency has led scientists to believe that the bacterium may be able to produce usable fuel. Researchers have manipulated the bacterium to produce a kind of alcohol known as isobutanol, which can replace or be combined with traditional…

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Using e-coli, researchers are able to generate ethanol from seaweed


Researchers from the Bio Architecture Lab and the University of Washington have discovered a new way to generate biofuel from seaweed. As the issue of alternative energy gains more attention, scientists are looking for ways to generate electricity sustainably. Biofuel is gaining more attention from the science community especially that generated from seaweed. Scientists have targeted seaweed because it draws nutrients from water and requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Scientists have genetically modified a strain of e-coli bacteria, enabling it to consume the sugars found in seaweed and produce ethanol.…

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