Tropical S.A and ASPATE team to make eco-friendly homes in Greece


Hydrogen fuel cell resources used for residential Tropical S.A., a developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has announced that it will be supplying 500 of its GreenGen N5 fuel cells to ASPATE S.A., a developer of large-scale energy projects. These fuel cells will be installed in 500 homes by ASPATE and will be part of the company’s endeavor to make residencies more energy efficient and sustainable. The majority of ASPATE’s initiative takes place in Greece, where alternative energy has become more popular due to the ongoing financial crisis that grips…

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Furukawa Battery commercializes its salt-water powered magnesium fuel cells

Salt Water Fuel Cells

Furukawa Battery, a Japanese developer of alternative energy power systems, has begun commercializing its new magnesium fuel cell technologies. The magnesium fuel cell differs from its conventional counterparts in that it does not use platinum to power chemical conversions. Instead, the fuel cell uses salt water as an electrolyte, enabling Furukawa to keep costs of manufacturing the energy system relatively low. The company believes that these energy systems could be used in every house in Japan to meet a family’s energy needs. Using magnesium as an electrolyte, Furukawa Battery has…

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Denmark reveals new Energy Plan to bolster hydrogen energy infrastructure by 2020

Denmark Alternative Energy

Denmark has adopted a new energy plan that will help it reach energy independence by 2050. The government’s initiative, fittingly named Energy Plan 2020, aims to establish a foundation for hydrogen fuel. This infrastructure is expected to be functional and sustainable by 2020. The initiative will focus heavily on hydrogen-powered transportation and the government is hoping to have a strong support structure in place by 2015, when hydrogen-powered vehicles begin flooding the commercial market. The project will bring more hydrogen fuel stations to Denmark and help provide support for companies…

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Peter Hoffmann’s Tomorrow’s Energy becoming more popular among hydrogen energy supporters

Hydrogen Fuel Book

Hydrogen energy has been a point of contention within the alternative energy community. Supporters of the renewable fuel claim that it is the best option amongst the alternatives to fossil-fuels currently available. Opponents of the energy are quick to show skepticism, however, citing the outrageous cost of fuel cells and the lack of a sufficient infrastructure to support the energy in transportation and other uses. Skeptics are keen to note that hydrogen fuel cell technology is lacking, making the fuel unviable for a number of applications. Editor and publisher Peter…

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FuelCell Energy to offer common stock to interested investors

Fuelcell Energy Industry Financial News

FuelCell Energy, a major manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it will begin offering shares of common stock to investors growing more interested in alternative energy companies. The company is expected to begin offering these stocks this week, though this may change due to fluctuating market conditions. Investors purchasing stocks will be granted a 30-day period in which they can purchase additional shares. The money collected through investments will be used for growth and other corporate purposes. FuelCell Energy has been generating a great deal of buzz in…

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Brazil looks to bolster its hydrogen fuel use, turns to Ballard Power for assistance

Brazil Alternative Energy

Many countries in South America are taking a stand against climate change. Though the issue is steeped in controversy, many countries believe that taking steps to adopt sustainability and alternative energy are better than doing nothing at all. Of these countries, Brazil is making the most progress. Today, Brazil generates approximately 43% of its electricity from renewable sources. Much of this energy comes from solar or wind power, but the country could soon turn to hydrogen as its energy source of choice. The Brazilian government has been working with Ballard…

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Toyota works to update Japan’s ENE-FARM system with next generation fuel cells

ENE-FARM Type S fuel cell

By now, Toyota’s adoption of hydrogen fuel has gotten a great deal of attention. The automaker has big plans for the energy for its vehicles. Something that is getting significantly less attention, however, is the company’s use of the energy in its home country of Japan. Japan boasts of a powerful fuel cell system called ENE-FARM that provides power to several homes throughout the country. Since the creation of the ENE-FARM in 2009, fuel cells have become more advanced and efficient. As such, Toyota has teamed with other Japanese corporations…

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University of Central Florida researchers create more efficient and affordable fuel cell

Hydrogen Fuel Research

Hydrogen fuel cells are getting a lot of attention, much of it directed by the auto industry. As more people become aware of these energy systems, they are able to point out faults that could make fuel cells unpopular. Thus far, two specific issues are concerning consumers around the world. The first of which is cost. Fuel cells are notorious for their use of expensive materials. The second issue is efficiency. A large number of fuel cells typically do not generate more electricity than they consume. Researchers from the University…

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Delaware legislators to hear new proposal from Bloom Energy regarding ambitious hydrogen fuel project

Delaware State Capitol

Delaware lawmakers are considering a new proposal from fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy concerning a new hydrogen energy project in the state. Bloom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel cells and producers of alternative energy technologies. The company has been at the forefront of progress in terms of alternative energy and sustainability for some time. Bloom is now looking to establish an ambitious project in Delaware that could help the state save a significant amount of money on energy costs. The project would bring 235 of the…

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Fuel Cell Today released first report of its “Nordic Country” series investigating the state of hydrogen energy in some parts of Europe

Hydrogen Fuel Report

Fuel Cell Today, an intelligence and analysis publication that specializes in the fuel cell industry, has released a new report concerning the state of hydrogen energy and fuell cells in Finland. The report is the first part of the publication’s “Nordic Countries” series. The series focuses on how these countries are using alternative energy to create a sustainable future and examines their progress toward this goal. Fuel Cell Today’s report shows that Finland has made promising headway in the quest for sustainability. The report briefly touches on the country’s history…

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Pike Research reports on the effectiveness of hydrogen fuel cells as an uninterruptible power supply

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

Pike Research, an international research firm specializing in alternative energy, has released the latest edition of its Pike Pulse Report. The new report concerns the success of hydrogen fuel cells and their use as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Fuel cells have garnered much acclaim for their durability. The fuel cell units themselves are incredibly resilient to damage and can continue generating tremendous amounts of electricity hours after they have been cut off from their fuel supply. The report notes that stationary fuel cells are amongst the best UPS power systems…

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Gas and oil companies looking to aid automakers in establishing hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Hydrogen Fuel Station

As hydrogen energy continues to establish itself as a major focus for the auto industry, gas utilities companies are taking a new approach to their business operations. With most major automakers developing hydrogen-powered vehicles, gas companies have highlighted the severe lack of an adequate fuel infrastructure. Instead of citing this fact as a detractor to hydrogen fuel, companies are beginning to partner with automakers to help build an infrastructure. Such is the case with Hawaii’s The Gas Company and gas suppliers in Japan. In Hawaii, The Gas Company has joined…

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Department of Energy report details the supply risk associated with rare earth materials

Renewable Energy Report

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Policy has released a new report detailing how the supply of high-demand materials could affect the progress of alternative energy. The report, titled “2012 Critical Materials Strategy,” shows how important rare earth materials are to the clean energy business. These materials are often used in the construction of clean energy systems, such as hydrogen fuel cells. As their name suggests, these materials are rare and ultimately finite, presenting a significant supply risk to nations interested in adopting alternative energy. According to the report,…

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PATH report shows the growing popularity of hydrogen in more than 20 countries around the world

Hydrogen Fuel

A new report from the Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH) shows that fuel cell activity is very active in more than 20 countries around the world. Today, the hydrogen industry is worth roughly $5.6 billion worldwide and fosters some 40,000 jobs. PATH speculates that the industry will grow exponentially within the next ten years are more countries begin to adopt hydrogen as their fuel of choice. PATH’s report is the first to show how several different countries are making use of hydrogen fuel and how the fuel…

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Public forum to address the uses of mobile fuel cells to be held in Maine

New hydrogen fuel standard

Hydrogen fuel has been gaining support for its uses beyond the realm of transportation recently. The fuel is one of the more versatile alternatives to oil currently available and has been utilized in a number of different ways throughout its long history. The uses for hydrogen have changed steadily, keeping pace with the advance of technology. Now, in a world where mobile technology is much more than a passing fad, hydrogen is being pegged as the future energy source for mobile devices. So called mobile fuel cells are not a…

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Massive power outage strikes California and Arizona, hydrogen may be the key to avoiding future incidents

California Power Outage

Much of Southern California, as well as the eastern reaches of Arizona, has been struck by a massive power outage that begun shortly after 3:30pm yesterday. Utilities companies have yet to uncover the reason behind the outage and have not issued estimations as to when power will be restored to the affected regions. With huge swaths of California now without electricity, some are wondering if the problem could have been avoided through the use of hydrogen fuel. Though much of the attention regarding hydrogen surrounds its use in transportation, the…

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