Researchers develop new catalyst capable of producing hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Research - Beakers in Science Lab

Researchers use inexpensive materials to develop new catalyst Researchers from the University of California, Santa Cruz, have developed a new carbon-based nanocomposite that could serve as a catalyst to produce renewable hydrogen fuel. The research team notes that the new catalyst is inexpensive due to its use of affordable materials. The catalyst works by separating water into its base components of oxygen and hydrogen, making the production process much more environmentally friendly than it has been in the past. Catalyst can efficiently produce hydrogen fuel The new catalyst is the…

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Fracking outlawed in Santa Cruz

The county in California becomes the first in the state to prohibit hydraulic fracturing. After Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted 5 – 0 to preemptively ban fracking in Santa Cruz, the county has become the first in California to outlaw the mining practice, as well as all other forms of onshore gas and oil development. Mandatory water rationing was established last month in the county. Although access to water and water sharing have been a continual struggle for the Golden State, In January of this year, a drought…

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