Transparent solar cells could one day generate power for homes and office buildings

Transparent Solar Cells - Solar Windows - sunflower - solar energy

A team of researchers wants to turn windows into viable solar panels. Windows of homes and office buildings could one day generate solar energy via transparent solar cells, according to research conducted by scientists at Michigan State University. New technologies could revolutionize traditional solar windows. While glass windows generating solar power isn’t anything new, the trouble is that these windows traditionally have light-absorbing films embedded in their glass, which removes their transparency. Instead, they have a brown or reddish tint. Although this lack of transparency maximizes their efficiency to convert…

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Sharp introduces transparent solar cells

The Sharp Corporation transparent solar cells

Transparent solar cells could be used as windows The Sharp Corporation, a leading developer of electronic products, has announced the release of new transparent solar cells that are designed to operate as windows for homes. Beginning in October, Japanese homeowners will be able to purchase these windows, which will be able to generate electricity through the collection of sunlight and provide power to a home. The concept of transparent solar cells has been growing in popularity recently and Sharp believes the time is right to introduce such products to the…

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Solar cell manufacturing process could up competition from European producers

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Researchers work to make solar cell production more efficient Competition in the photovoltaic solar panel market has become very aggressive. With China throwing its industrial might into the production of solar panels, the market has become inundated with new products. Chinese manufacturers have found ways to produce solar panels in an exceedingly affordable manner, allowing them to establish a strong presence in the market. European manufacturers have yet to develop such methods, but may find some support from researchers from the Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest applications-oriented research organization, which has…

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