Massive solar energy system launched in India

Solar Energy - Solar Panels in Field

Kanataka becomes home to a new large-scale solar farm What may be the world’s largest solar energy farm has been launched in India’s Kanataka. The solar farm is called Shakti Sthala and covers an area of 13,000 acres. The project was developed by the Karnataka Solar Power Development Corp., which is a joint venture from Karnataka Renewable Energy Development and the Solar Energy Corp. of India. The solar farm represents a milestone in participation among several villages, with farmers leasing their land so that solar panels can be installed. Farmers…

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New joint ventures aim to support renewable energy in India

Renewable Energy - Joint Venture

Indian government is backing the formation of two joint ventures that will help build clean energy projects Two new joint ventures are expected to take form in India within the coming months. Both ventures will be state-owned and will be responsible for t he construction of renewable energy projects throughout the country. These ventures will help bring these projects online more quickly, thereby helping India make progress toward meeting its own energy goals. The National Action Plan on Climate Change has recommended that the country derive no less than 10%…

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