HyperSolar discovers new replacement for platinum catalysts

New patent for platinum catalysts alterntaive energy research

HyperSolar seeks patent for new technology HyperSolar, a developer of hybrid alternative energy technology, has announced that it has filed a patent application alongside the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The patent aims to protect a technology that the duo have developed that could significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen fuel cells and fuel production. HyperSolar, with the help of researchers from UCSB, have developed a protective polymer that can be used in the company’s solar-powered fuel cells that improves the longevity, efficiency, and performance of these energy systems.…

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Stanford University researchers create hybrid fuel cell

Stanford University - Solar Energy Research

Singular alternative fueling methods, such as solar or wind power, are well established. Many of the technologies used for such methods have advanced to a point where further development is, more or less, counter-intuitive. Solar energy is already one of the more efficient forms of alternative fuel, and continuing to improve upon its faculties requires a level of technology not yet available. However, the world is still in need of more efficient alternative fuels. To meet demand, focus has shifted from singular fueling methods to hybrid systems, specifically solar hydrogen…

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