Toyota releases more news about hydrogen power with details on their future manufacturing plans

Focus on Hydrogen Fuel

Toyota recently announced that it had taken on hydrogen fuel as one of its primary focuses. The Japanese automaker has long been an advocate of electric transportation, showing strong support for battery batter. After showing off its latest concept of its FCV model, Toyota has announced that it is taking a very aggressive stance in regards to hydrogen-powered vehicles. The company has announced that it will be making thousands of fuel cell cars each year for the next ten years. The company believes that the world is moving toward oil-free…

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Toyota to release hydrogen-powered cars in 2015 priced at $100,000

Lucky person to become first hydrogen fuel car owner

Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to release their iteration of hydrogen-powered vehicles to the commercial market in 2015. Toyota has been a powerful name in the world of alternative energy, especially when it comes to transportation. The company was the first to successfully introduce a popular hybrid vehicle to the commercial market and has since been developing a new hydrogen energy system that aims to make hydrogen a more appealing option for drivers. Price may not be a consideration for Toyota, however, which may hamper the company’s plans for…

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