Toyota issues recall for its Mirai due to software glicth

Mirai Software Problem - Inspecting code

Mirai suffers from a software glitch that could cause some problems for drivers Toyota has issued a recall of 2,843 units of its Mirai. The Mirai is the first time Toyota has used a hydrogen fuel cell to power a customer vehicle. The automaker has found some modest success with the new car and has been demonstrating the capabilities of the Mirai in many prominent markets. Some had expressed concern over the Mirai’s use of hydrogen fuel, largely due to the volatility of hydrogen itself, but the recall has little…

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Toyota recalls over 600,000 of its hybrid cars worldwide

On Wednesday, Toyota said it would be recalling 625,000 of its hybrid vehicles, mostly its Prius v model. The Japanese motor company announced the global recall of its hybrid cars due to a software glitch that has the potential to, in rare cases, shut down the hybrid system while the car is in operation. In other words, the defect could bring the vehicle to a sudden stop while it is being driven. Although the cars have been recalled, no accidents or injuries have been reported. Toyota says that the problem…

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