Linde and Daimler continue work to expand Germany’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Linde, Daimler, and Total open new hydrogen station in Ulm Germany’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure is growing at a steady pace. Several organizations have come together to build new hydrogen stations in the country to prepare for the eventual launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with energy systems that consume hydrogen to generate electricity. When compared to conventional batteries, fuel cells are considered to have higher performance and are more efficient. The problem, however, is that lacking infrastructure support has slowed the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. More…

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Largest methane production plant in the world goes live in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel production

New gas-to-power facility activated in Germany with a focus on methane Germany’s Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg has activated the world’s largest power-to-gas plant. The facility will serve as home to research regarding alternative energy and fuel production. The research facility will use solar energy to produce methane gas, which will then be added to the German natural gas grid. Though methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, it can be used in fuel cells to produce electricity, as an alternative to hydrogen. Alternative energy foundation eyes methane…

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