Researchers build new cheap and sustainable biogenic solar cell

Biogenic Solar Cell - Solar Panels under cloudy skies

A solar cell that uses bacteria can convert light to energy. Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) have discovered a new way to build cheap solar cells that are also sustainable. Called biogenic solar cells, they use bacteria that converts light to energy, even under cloudy skies. The bacteria-powered solar cell works equally efficient in both bright and dim light. This innovative biogenic solar cell generated a current more powerful than any previously recorded from this type of device. Its ability to convert light to energy, even in…

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New biofuel project may convert forestry waste into aviation biofuel

A consortium of aviation companies and scientists are investigating whether forest-industry waste could fuel jet planes. A project that will be led by the University of British Columbia (UBC) and NORAM Engineering and Constructors, and includes aviation and aviation-related companies Boeing, Air Canada, Bombardier, WestJet and SkyNRG, will assess whether waste from the forest industry, including sawdust and leftover branches, can be converted into sustainable aviation biofuel. A study determined that the forestry waste to energy conversion could meet 10% of B.C.’s annual jet fuel demand. Earlier this year, a…

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