Wind energy industry may get some good news with new superconductors

Michigan - Wind Energy

New superconductors could help the wind energy industry The wind energy industry in the U.S. has received a lot of good news recently. With the extension of the Production Tax Credit, which financially supports many of the country’s wind energy projects, the industry has managed to secure at least another year of dynamic growth. Free from the worry of the Production Tax Credit, for now at least, the industry can now focus on the continuing enigma of efficient offshore wind energy systems. Scientists develop iron-based superconductor for wind turbines Scientist…

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Production Tax Credit extension heralded as victory for wind energy industry

Wind Energy Tax Credit

Production Tax Credit extension praised by wind energy developers The U.S. wind energy industry received some good news for the new year as federal lawmakers agreed to extend the Production Tax Credit, which helps support various wind energy products throughout the country. The extension was approved as part of a legislative deal that would help the U.S. avoid its “fiscal cliff” problem. The extension ensures that wind energy projects taking root throughout the U.S. will continue to receive the financial support they rely on to take form. Vestas calls extension…

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