Fuel cells are helping reinvent Japan’s energy structure

Fuel Cell Infrastructure - city at night in Japan

Japan continues to turn to hydrogen to remake its future Japan is working to reinvent its energy structure. These efforts began in earnest following the devastating 2011 earthquake that struck the Fukushima Prefecture. The quake triggered a serious nuclear crisis, which led the Japanese government to shut down the majority of the country’s nuclear power facilities for a time. Now, Japan is working to embrace renewable energy, particularly hydrogen fuel cells, in order to become more self-sufficient and to combat the potential impact of climate change in the future. Clean…

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UN announced 2012 as International Year of Sustainable Energy for All

Alternative Energy

With high hopes for sustainability and major advances being made in clean technology, the United Nations has officially declared 2012 to be an International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. The UN believes that 2012 will mark the end of energy poverty as more developing countries adopt alternative energy systems, such as hydrogen and solar power. While the UN does not believe that all these energy systems will be completely free, the majority of the energy generated through renewable sources will be affordable enough to make it viable for impoverished…

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