A glimpse at today’s and tomorrow’s luxury cars

A glimpse at today’s and tomorrow’s luxury cars

May 8, 2013 Off By Stephen Vagus

Transportation has become an important part of society and like anything else in society; it is susceptible to the enjoyment of those that make up that society. Luxury has long been a term that has been used to identify a high class of vehicles. A luxury car today tends to offer something that simply cannot be found with conventional vehicles. Beyond the multitude of features that set luxury cars apart, there is a certain prestige that has come to drape these vehicles, adding to their attraction.

Features and gadgetry

Luxury cars come in all shapes and sizes. As such, the prices for these vehicles can fluctuate from model to model. Like conventional vehicles, luxury cars offer a wide range of features that often affect how much they cost. In the case of the Infiniti G Convertible, for instance, the vehicles features and capabilities come with a $70,000 price tag. By comparison, the Infiniti EX luxury SUV comes in at approximately $57,000. The differences in prices are most often reflected in the features that are included in these vehicles, as well as how they are built.

Most luxury cars are built with convenience in mind. As such, these vehicles are often quite accommodating to tech-savvy drivers and those that enjoy electronic gadgetry. Navigation systems are quite common among luxury vehicles. Most luxury cars are designed to be as mobile friendly as possible, allowing drivers to integrate their smartphones or tablets into the vehicles various other features. Some luxury cars even feature pop-up dashboard speakers or in-vehicle coolers designed to keep beverages chilled. Beyond electronic gadgets, luxury vehicles also offer a variety of accessories that can add some flair and convenience.

Features are often confused with gadgets but typically represent offerings that determine whether a vehicle can be considered luxurious or not. Automakers tend to offer a wide range of features, especially where luxury cars are concerned. The Infinity G Coupe, for instance, is equipped with 4-wheel active steer technology that allows for more dexterous control of the vehicle itself. The Infiniti FX luxury SUV is equipped with the same technology, but also boasts of a 7-speed automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifts. These vehicles have access to many more features involving styling, noise control, safety, and more.

The trend of hybridization

Like any field of business, the auto industry is susceptible to changes. Recently, much of the auto industry has become enamored with the concept of clean transportation and a growing number of automakers have been developing hybrid vehicles. These vehicles are either equipped with hydrogen fuel cells or lithium-ion batteries, allowing them to operate more cleanly than more conventional models. They do, of course, make use of petroleum as well. Hybrids are becoming more common in the luxury field as clean technology becomes more capable of meeting the high standards of performance that can be found therein.  With most of the auto industry adopting a strong focus on clean transportation; it is very likely that hybrid luxury cars will be significantly more common in the future.

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